Friday, February 26, 2016

Death Parade March Photoshoot

Death Parade March Cosplay shoot at Katsucon 2016
Helpers: Sakuran
This was a interesting shoot, I personally have not seen Death Parade March and all I got the synopsis of the show was that, we needed a bar setting and I rolled with it QVQ likewise with editing, I looked up images of the show to try and capture the same atmosphere that you get from the show.
I'm glad we shot this late Thursday night right before the big con rush on Friday and so on, it would have proved  to be impossible to even try and shoot there it that was the case! I shot this right after the Euphemia shoot I did after just landing at National Harbor earlier that evening.
I had quite fun editing this set too and I appreciate that the cosplayers even bought drinks to use as props for the set lol. Yum.



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