Friday, February 26, 2016

Diablo Cosplay Photoshoot | Katsucon 2016

Crusader Diablo Cosplay by Bamzy Cosplay
I'm quite thankful that Katsucon weekend allowed me an opportunity to work with such a diverse group of individuals, styles and different series too! I think every cos photographer has a bucket list of things they'd want to shoot and Diablo is definitely one of them for me! I'm glad I got to shoot the Crusader class versus the typical more overly cosplayed Demon Hunter. Its just a nice diversity since I dont see this class done often enough.
Though I am very very open to shooting with a Monk and Witch Doctor especially too! (or with anyone in general! LOL)
Bamzy Cosplay was a dream to work with, this was my first time shooting with her but homegirl worked it. She was confident and comfortable with her posing and had vibrant energy. It definitely helped shed away my nervousness at shooting at the con >w<!!! Thank you for being patient and so awesome! This is one of the 3 sets I shot with her this weekend.
I wanted to highlight the details she put into her costume, one of the biggest thing I want to learn and improve on is painting props and armor. From getting the right highlights and shadowing on the costume and armor really really makes a huge difference and I definitely wanted it to show through on her photoset. I also went with this a strong contrast and sharp colors to help bring the Diablo mood to life. Or atleast how I would have translated Diablo in my head...




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