Friday, February 26, 2016


In before I am seriously flooded with backlogging. I know I'm still backlogged from the summer shoot from last year that I haven't updated them on this blog yet! WHAT EVEN!??!? I know, I'm really bad at it...

Its kinda hilarious that I'm posting this post up before I post my New Year photo sets lol (since I have yet to really finish the entire set. Whoops) But I stopped over at Anime Los Angeles (ALA) for a day and did a quick set for Prototype-Cosplay and Helios Cosplay (both are on facebook!)

They had booked me for a Vassalord (BL) shoot and this is what we came up with! I've shot BL before but havent done so in a hotel room exclusively. Thankfully the set came out ok and the clients were pretty happy with the result. I didn't have any BTS to share since this was a rather quick photoshoot. Thankfully enough the hotel provided adequate lighting and with some editing on LR neutralized all the yellow lighting.

I always love working with Zai, I shot with em' before at AX for a different set and this is my second time working with em. Hopefully we will have more shoots in the future!

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