Thursday, April 14, 2016

Project 707 | Part 2

When I was darkness at that time
部屋の片隅で I cry
もがけばもがくほど 突き刺さるこの傷
破られた約束 hurt me

When I was darkness at that time, with trembling lips 
I cry in the corner of my room 
The more I struggle, the more these wounds pierce into me 
Our broken promises hurt me

Finally got through scrubbing this version of the set. Part 2 of the shoot we did a month ago!
I feel bad that I am still lagging behind on getting this project going and I'm afraid that with the coming months and the need to seriously start budgetting life might get in the way of producing this project further...but if there is a will there is always a way ): and I look forward and hope that there are many more out there who shares this passion and lets collaborate!

I highly recommend listening to this version of "rose" as you look through this version of the set....

I really think Anna Tsuchiya did a wonderful job singing this acapella version and I feel it really resonates Nana O's vulnerability. 

You might be questioning the difference incolor grading throughout the set, I assure you, it looks odd right now but when I finish compiling the entire project into a book I feel it will all make sense then :3

I'm looking forward to working with more people who wishes to participate in this project!


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