Monday, April 18, 2016

False Vows, True Love | Review

My DS died on me and no longer will hold a charge and apparently nintedo charges you $85+shipping and tax to fix it ): so I'm probably going to just go ahead and trade this sucker in and get myself a new one uwu since if I'm gonna have to pay $85+ out of pocket I might  as well get myself a new one!??!

With that being said I have to put FE:Fates on hold ): which sad (not like I have much time to devote to Takumi anyway considering all the shoot projects coming up and etc but still!!! I'm even more saltier knowing Yuki Kaji is Takumi!!! and I know theres a patch out there somewhere to get the Japanese audio >W< but it might have to wait till later...sighs)
Anyways so lately I took up to playing mobile otome games to pretty much kill time / relax in between all the other work I lined myself up with. This one in particular I wanted to talk about since there seems to be not a lot of information circling about it!
This game is made by the company called Favary; they have a few other games out but in French! And Japanese. Currently they have 2 games out on the US market (android only I believe) and this is one of them. The other game they have is the BL one! I have yet to try it but I'm curious and might pick it up eventually.
This is a FREE to play game but the only thing that sucks about it is, your MC runs on 'energy'
the more chapters you read through the more you use up your energy. You can go ahead and purchase energy points to proceed through the story line faster or wait 10 hours for you to replenish energy. Though the replenished energy isn't much honestly, its probably good enough for a quick chapter read, which usually last approx. 5-7 mins or 10...depending on how fast you read or how much dialogue there is...
The story description based on the app store: 
Unusual circumstances have driven you to pose as a young noble lady.
Men harboring ambition struggle for your heart and your body——
Is it a cruel scheme or a true love that awaits the false lady——?
Eldest son of the noble Tachibana family. Handsome, but isolated by his unapproachable aura.
He, who knows not the love of another, is changed by his encounter with you——.
The story sounds pretty vague and I'm going to try and flesh it out as much as I can without giving too much away?

Basically, your a poor girl who meets a rich girl and by chance you book look identical to each other! She offers to help you out by paying for your sickly mothers hospital expenses and in return you just have to pose as her! Who wouldn't want to give up a chance to live the life of luxury and have madre be taken cared of? So clearly MC jumps at the chance to do so!

I gotta hand it to this MC though, shes not stupid or naïve like most MC you get in otome games. There are a bit of grammatical errors in this game but nothing too much that would bother me. The background music isn't annoying either and there tends to be times where it blanks out - which doesn't bother me at all either.

I like that this game saves your progress as you go; as in you can literally close the app and turn it back on and still end up where you last left off. I will do say though that it does not give you an option to rename your character(?) nor does it allow you to go back and reread the previous logs or dialogue as you went through. I feel this game is still a very much 'in progress' type of game. I don't know how much of it is is already out in the Japanese market, but I'm curious to dig further actually since I've hit the roadblock in the game where I'm now waiting for the next scenario or chapters to be translated.

You also start with 3 bachelors but only 1 route is available at this time. But the character they pair you up with in the beginning is actually rather compelling route. The start is rather slow imho, but it speeds up rather quickly (only because I ended up dishing out real money to advance quicker lol coz I wanted to know whats going on!!!!!) this definitely feels like a romance novel unfolding in your face, its a game of lies, deception and romance! As your trying to develop your relationship with your fiancé you got the other 2 potential bachelors trying to get at you too.

The art is cute, there isn't enough CGs to be collected just yet. I think this one at the bottom is probably the only CG I was able to view/collect so far.

Its a very simple game and most of the choices you get are basically just 2 I mentioned earlier it does take a bit of time for you to really develop or open up to the characters, everything is a fog to you since they didn't really dive much information on any of the other characters as they were practically just thrown at you.  The best way I handled this game was just taking it as it is LOL...and just letting it take its course and I'm telling you, you won't regret it. Just be patient and collect up your energy and just keep going.

Don't be afraid to drop $ on the energy points since they do go on sale quite often which is great~ and I always tell people to support small publishers to keep the games alive and going >w< I'd be really disappointed if they stopped where they stopped! It feels like I'm waiting for an engrossing fanfiction to update... coz I honestly don't know when they will update the next scenario nor do they even have a SNS I could follow them on to see any updates...maybe I'll dig further. But once you get further into the story you will definitely be engrossed and craving to know more!

Unfortunately again this is only for the Android market for now I believe since my friend tried to find it on the apple store and it was a no go? )':

I really hope they bring this out more. I highly recommend it!!


  1. Does anyone know wot the soundtrack of the game is?

  2. If anyone knows when the next scenario will be out then please tell me so I can know how long to wait I really love this game and want to see more so when is the next update anyone ?