Friday, April 15, 2016

刀剣乱舞 | Touken Ranbu

Slowly but surely am chugging away at wrapping up the Katsu line up QvQ!!! I didn't think I'd see the light at the end of the tunnel! And honestly speaking this set had me quite nervous =3=

We shot this at peak convention hours, right after the fire alarm went off. Foot traffic was ridiculous and we even tried to go outside and shoot. The poor swords were cold. Its coo tho coz I suffered with them :x (I gave up my coat to one of the swords and was literally in jeans and a tshirt in the cold LOL and I vividly remember one photographer going 'How are you shooting right now!?' and I smiled and cried on the inside. Determined afk...)

I got 2-3 more sets to go through before I can start putting together my portfolio for Katsu. I'm quite stoked to put it together and I hope I dont end up with excess pages QvQ but theres so much I want to squeeze in there!!!

Cosplayers: Sakuran 錯乱 as Kogitsunemaru
Nenu Cosplay as Mikazuki Munechika and Tsurumaru Kuninaga
Shot and Edited by: Black Heaven Taken at: Katsucon

Thanks for letting me shoot your guys' costumes QVQ it was a challenge for everyone to cosplay/shoot this as it takes so much to put on and move on them so I appreciate the cosers for being patient and working with me. It was rather difficult shooting this set since it was overly crowded in the inside of the con and we decided to brave the cold outside to get some of our shots QVQ If only we could have gotten more but staying warm and healthy is more important than risking health just for a few mesely photos.

Dont push yourselves too much gaiz~ These are defintely not the most mobile of costumes and to be shooting in such close quarters such as the convention hall definitely proves to be rather difficult. Please bare with me as I still have quite a bit of photos to scrub through but I wanted to get some of these up qvq thank you again to the cosers for allowing me to shoot you gaiz.


omake~ when shooting throughout katsu I didn't really get much of a chance to do BTS since I was so focused on getting from one appointment to the next :'D;;;


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