Wednesday, April 20, 2016

False Vows, True Love [SPOILERS]

This page is gonna basically be filled of spoilers on the game False Vows, True love by Favary!
I don't have a lot of screen shots or any since I was too engrossed going through the story that I forgot to take anymore...welps. And as I mentioned on my review, they don't exactly allow you to save and reload lol or reread your previous log...
The rest of the entry will be under the cut~


I'm trying to do everything based on memory right now about this game, I binged played this game a few days ago and as I mentioned on my previous entry on the review part that I've hit a dead end with this game right now waiting for the next update ): 
But lets keep on going~
The starting of the game is pretty basic like most games. I'm still waiting to encounter a game where your basically thrown right into the action of things ahaha and give you a major shock ahaha...but this isn't that.
MC is a hard working factory girl in the what I would assume be the Taisho period since you get a mixture of western and eastern culture and judging by the background~~~
MC's name is Tomoe (I cant remember if you had the option to change her name but I just kept her default name) she is a hard working spunky girl who has to work hard to support her sickly mother. She is basically talking about the gripes of being a lower income and how she either needs to get a higher paying job soon or get a second job. Right off the bat I could appreciate MC and the direction/tone the game was going for. I guess they were trying to market this more for the josei audience which I appreciate!!!!!!!

Fast forward you run into a girl who looks like you; her name is Kotoko who was on her way to elope with some man and how she states that you and her both look alike and offers to take care of your madre's hospital expenses if you live her life. MC gets suckered into doing it coz why not? Life of luxury and you just gotta pretend to be someone else? Sure! Why not!

I guess this is where the hole in the story is - why or how  would she just randomly agree to this arrangement? You fast forward to waking up in Kotoko's room and greeted by her butler (due to the grammar errors I got confused on butler's gender for a bit but I'm pretty sure butler-san is a dude LOL!!!)

Queue in your usual 'I cant remember where I am or why I'm here- then you're like OH! Now I remember!' they dont give you much of a monologue that explains further and just jumps you into meeting your cold hearted fiance. At this point in the story, theres still a lot of holes in the story but they do eventually flesh it out as you progress through the story line. I just took everything with a grain of salt and can't expect too much factual expectations.

Akihiko's character is rather bland and cold, they leave little to no room for you to really do a lot of interaction with your potential beau in the beginning, and throughout the game you only really get 2 choices to pick from. So choose wisely since you cant redo!

I feel like I'm going to go ahead and bumrush this post so I apologize ahead of time for the lack of eloquence on this post since I wanna post this up before I completely forget it and let it rot under draft post forever...and again I am doing all this based on memory so I hope that I get my timeline somewhat still in order..

At this point in the story there has been little to no progress, you are introduced to the other 2 potential spouses in the game but considering your playing Akihiko's route, you really have no choice but to stick it out with him.

Fast forward to after an awkward dinner conversation; where in your mother gawks at you for being so excited to be eating. But internally you mention how this is the first time you've have been graced by such elegant dining but your mother explains that you have been so depressed and down lately that its nice to see you enjoying your meal so earnestly.

Clearly the depression is due to the fact that Kotoko is unhappy at her current arrangement...

Fast forward to later that evening when your so called, cold hearted fiance shows up at your door and climbs onto bed with you to cuddle.

What what what??? Wasn't he just ignoring you before? Does he even care about you?

What is Kotoko's relationship with this guy? Your unsure, so just make a choice. I feel regardless of your choice he would have climbed onto bed with you anyway and you unlock your first CG...

MC doesn't get much sleep that night and wakes up alone, fiancé made a run for it and it was unclear if anything else happened that night. They honestly just ended up cuddling and MC being confused and scared just basically dead fished it out.

Fiance ignores you and is embarrassed by what happened and you guys don't talk about it.
Your later then introduced to a gardener who Kotoko was  familiar with, its unclear at this point what your relationship with is with the man but since he has a name and somehow plays a significant role in the story in the future...

Kotoko makes a few appearances in the game and explains that she actually indeed had feelings for your fiance but ran away coz she would have an unhappy life with him so she chose to be with a servant. Hmm...It is unclear at this moment who the servant she ran away with. But she comes and visits you from time to time to keep you posted on your moms health progress, you eventually also sneak out later on to see your mom only to find a twist in the story!
Now heres the juicey parts!

Your actually find out that you and Kotoko are twin sisters! She was suppose to have been given up at birth to another family (your mom) but the butler who was suppose to do it dun-goofed and gave you up instead; later on it explains that he may or may not have done this on purpose because you are then a puppet -- the puppet theme is an on going theme throughout the game and is mentioned frequently in the monologue's.

At this point you had already decided you have feelings for Master Akihiko and is torn about telling him the truth or not. I skipped the dance chapter in this description - basically you guys go to a party, you hurt yourself and future hubby takes care of you. Giving you all the dokidoki feels and makes you realize he isn't that bad of a guy after all!

After finally coming to terms with your feelings for future husband you succumb to your own selfishness that you will continue to go ahead and live this lie if it means he will be with you.
You eventually are introduced to another portion of husbando's life; his mom. Something is off with this woman as if she just has shut down and gave up on life. She would talk to your fiance as if he was a child. Hinting that theres some dark secret looming in their family which would explain why your husbando is so stoic.

Basically at this point your fiance has basically confessed his feelings for you and is the jealous type as well. After meeting your future mother in law he eventually had to leave to take her home and you stand in the rain waiting for him to come back. He returns and is surprised your standing out in the rain waiting for him, he rushes you back into your room and draws a bath for you. You guys basically share a passionate evening winkwonk. The feels.

It feels like things are finally progressing with the two of you and its clear to everyone - especially your other two suitors that things are going too well for you, And of course with any otome game when things are going well, shit has to go up in flames and right on que here we go!

Your caught meeting with Kotoko who shouldn't even be in the mansion in broad daylight. Fiance sees and confronts both of you, you end up confessing who you are. Fiance is confused, angry and heart broken and proceeds to run away to Europe breaking off the engagement stating he is there to study.

All this right after he had confessed to you that his mother is a broken woman; broken by love. How his dad was adulterous and caused his mom to be the way she was. So he swore to himself to harden himself.

You spend the remaining chapters a mess.


Your father inclines for you to pick a new fiance, between the yandere red head kid or the playboy blondie (not on the photo).  Using your demise to his advantage; the evil butler then steps in and starts pulling the strings on his puppet.

He takes you to where Kotoko is and you both basically see a glimpse at her happy life with her new husbando that she ran away with and how happy she was. Despite Kotoko's feelings for Akihiko, she still ran away because she was afraid he would never reciprocate her feelings for her and how she explains she cannot leave the man she is with because he makes her happy and its not a one sided love affair.

At this point your way of thinking is 'wow, I gave up everything to be this miserable while this person gets everything. I would have been fine if Akihiko never left me but now everything is gone, I have nothing left to loose' So the evil butler basically uses you as a  tool to instruct his plan to ruin your family.

Starting by poisoning your own father...

And here is where our chapter ends and we are now forced to wait for the next update. I honestly don't know how much longer we are expected to wait since there is not FB page or website for me to follow up with to find any information uwu so I keep opening the app every so often hoping theres any updates...


  1. Thanks for this walkthrough! Say, is this how the game was supposed to end...? I've been floundering around for weeks and just 'finished' it today. I was so shocked by the ending! What, so Akihiko leaves MC and she turns into a lovesick murderer...? It just seemed so wrong. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to post this, even if I am commenting a few months later :>

    1. If you play it through and save the special scene points until the last 2 options you'll get the nice ending! Got the same horrible ending the 1st time & found the good one the second time around! :)

  2. Hey! I finished the game today I got a Happy Ending =) but I wish there's a Part 2 =( =( =(

  3. I want more! =( Hope there's upcoming scenario =(