Friday, May 6, 2016


Breaking the silence and trying to update the blog with a quick catch-up-with-me entry...I still have quite a few in draft mode and everything seems to just be a blur these last few months but I'm excited for summer! Even though I hate the heat!

So I'm breaking my weeby postings to do a quick break and pause to try and catch up. More importantly I want to remember this moment more and more before I burry it in the backlogs of entries and loose its special place )':

As my birthday treat to myself (its my birthday this mothers day!!!) Gazette finally announced their WORLD  TOUR which fortunately enough included a stop in the US! Wow, 10 yrs too late much? But one cannot complain!!! So like every vigei child of the late 90s to 2000 you wouldn't pass up the opportunity to see them.

I intended this entry to be a longer one - full of catch ups and etc but I think I'm just going to keep it short and sweet at this point. Whoops. Maybe later I'll be able to put together another catch up with me entry...SMS makes micro blogging so much easier...but even then I still fail to document things properly...

 tl;dr I skipped the Los Angeles show and opted to go to the San Francisco show because reasons...
the venue was pretty forgiving in terms of space though there was no VIP section really and I could have easily snuck my way to the front had I chose to but I opted to go up to the balcony to get a full view of the stage no matter what. I wanted to enjoy the music and their precense and I was pretty much done being in a mosh of people anyway.

Admittedly I didn't recognize most of the new songs they played (whoops I got off the train after Leech) but I'm glad they played FILTH and LEECH. Every vigei child's anthem for a time...

It’s almost surreal that. that show even happened. it’s unfortunate that I walked away from the band because of the fandom LoooooI have a hard time voicing this out for some reason but now thstbive taken a nap and I’m slowly getting abckbinto the grove of things. reading everyone’s entries on the Gazette show I feel I’ve taken it for granted. I’m happy to have see them andbi guess no matter what rhwybreally have been one of the biggest I nfluences I had on my later half of my teen years and well into adulthood and how much their aesthetic and music has helped shape my career or aesthetic inspiration throughout fashion and beauty school.
I guess it’s really rekindled my drive to try harder and hopefully see them live overseas next.
I’ve been really grateful and lucky to have lived through the “golden” age of Jrock and seen as many bands as I could have that passed through America…
Now to set bigger goals and hopefully overseas.


 A lot of us may or may not want to admit just how much Gazette has impacted our lives growing up. Especially to be part of such a prominent time in alot of our lives.
I personally have to admit that they have played a huge role aesthetically for me going through Fashion School and through cosmetology school. (Malice Mizer being the other before them)

So heres my throwback to 20something me relieving 18 year old me
these dread falls are probably as Filth in the Beauty single cd LOOOOOO
and I still have them to this day.

Man, teen me would totally love to be as cool as this then ahahaha
I remember when I first made these falls I actually had the blonde x black thing going on too!


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