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The Men of Yoshiwara | Hayabusa

Here we go guys, I wasn't entirely planning on doing this entry at all but I have a few friends who had inquired about the smut trash I've been posting on my FB/Tumblr/Twitter as of late, well ladies, this is it. The game is called Forbidden Romance: The Men of Yoshiwara.

Yes, ladies, this is a smut fest otome - visual novel game geared towards women. Ages 18+! I'm not entirely sure where I would start or how I would even go about writing this, so pardon the in-formalities since I had no plans on saving a lot of these screen shots and their all kinda really bad virgin written smut....I clearly didn't save any of the other so I'm just going to get down to it.


Part of the reason I'm doing this write up is for all those other friends of mine who don't quite want to spend on a virtual boyfriend or just don't have the guts to play this. Lul. Dont worry gals (and guys) I gotchu for I have no shame. 

Disclaimer: Apparently we're suppose to put this somewhere in this entry, this is not a sponsored post. I bought the game off STEAM during their STEAM sale so that means I am basing this off the PC version of the game, you can buy a copy for your phone/iPad/iPhone/Android on the app stores too but the PC version gives you bonuses and by buying the full package on STEAM you get all the husbando routes and not have to buy them all individually. Whoops.
So the game premise is basically this:  

Your name is Misao, your the daughter of a shipping merchant and you live in a tiny island deprived of men. Yes. Amazonian island. Whut. Yes. Men are a rarity. Most if not, all the men who are eligible bachelors are actually stuck in the red-light district working as man-whores. Literally.  Hello reverse prostitution. How do women reproduce? Well, you either go to the "main" island and get preggers or go to the red-light district and mate. Basically.

Your character is a very innocent (virgin) good-girl type. So you can only imagine all the choices you are given in the game is all very one-sided; please dominate me _____-san. So if your not into that type of games/characters, well, this game isn't for you.

In this write-up I'm basically going to walk you through Hayabusa's route. Or, duckbutt husband.

Hayabusa is your child-hood best friend who was basically sold into slavery to pay off debt for his family, you run into him one day while running your errands. Whoops.

Hayabusa's route is actually one of the first one I actually played through and I like to consider this the cutest one (so far, coz I mean, childhood best friend romance helllooooo)

So I may not remember a lot of his story - not like there really is much to it...the game runs about 8-10 chapters long. I was able to breeze through his route in one-long evening.

This guy is all about maintaining your innocence, it was kinda sad his route tho - he didn't want you to find out that he was working as a manwhore. Coz, this guy has basically had a crush on you for forever and was holding out for you for as long as he can and had hopes that when he was done paying off his debt that he would return to you. (awwwww)

He is super protective onii-san type character who prefers your choices to be more on the innocent side of things - he gets quite a kick out of that.  But bravo to him for getting out of that friend zone quick - it literally goes from 0-60. 

The whole game is basically a thing of you going back and forth Yoshiwara seeing him, There isn't much spicey action going on till the later half of the chapters. Which I honestly appreciate (I didnt screen shot it here) but don't worry, its not stale virgin romance reading all the way. There isn't exactly as much smut on this route as you'd think. Remember, innnnoooceeeennce :'D

Oh and he is clearly into the whole 'reliving the past' thing, catching up on old times - so if thats your thing, Hayabusa is your man.  

The smutty deflowering scene is actually a sweet cute scene imho, and totally not as NSFW as I'd say...Iroha-sans lulllll, he definitely takes his time with you and is delicate and sweet. The biggest dramatic run-around on his route was when he gets imprisoned and framed for stealing some items. In Yoshiwara, you can pay off your debt sooner than later by simply having enough money or a rich patron buy you off. Misao actually had been hoarding some jewelry she got from helping a couple in the beginning chapter and was eventually found out and framed for it. Hayabusa takes the blame and is like 'no, I did it!'

so if memory serves correctly, you have to deal with that drama first and having to spring him out of jail then you get the victory smut deflowering scene....I feel like I really need to replay his route to really remember the scene of events but oh well....I say I'd definitely recommend his route as a beginning route since its more on the light hearted romance / for the faint of heart.

 So basically after all the drama and if you made your choices right (you need atleast a 70-80% rate or higher) you will unlock the wedding scene, which I guess is the 'happy happy' ending :D and you both go back home to your madre's house and live happily ever after as your husband is no longer a 'man of the night'

You also get a bonus chapter with your hubby where you both decide to go to the main island and look for the run-away, this was suppose to be considered the "date" scene or the sequal....honestly, nothing really happened here....

...Actually looking back at it now, this route was defeinitely rather boring in comparison to Iroha's....but I mean, atleast it was cute?....

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