Wednesday, April 25, 2012

189. New layout

New blog layout after bitching about it for so long and having such a dark darpy looking layout for so long that, I just was not that happy about after staring at it for so long...
and since I was in a rush to change it, I forgot to take a proper screen shot of it for memory orz.

Oh well, lets just all think that it was a bad memory that we rather forget then LOL?! but I DID remember to save the original banner I had...which was this:

 and I had paired it with a black x white bulky stripe background, which worked for a little bit but I'm way over it and wanted something cleaner and nicer? Spring-ish look? And wanted something that reflected something that /I/ personally worked on...

the original banner was a stock photo I found floating around tumblr that didnt even have a proper credit x__Xll shame on me orz and I had altered a bit of it on photoshop.

I wanted to pretend I was part of the cool kids and take a screen shot on the Mac (LOL lets pretend of a sec I own a Mac) but clearly my sisters BF pointed out my epic failure "How to screen cap on a Mac"
orz. FAIL! LMAO I should have edited that out HAHAHA

Clearly I work / own a PC looool.
I just abused my room mates Mac which sits in the living room for everyone to use x__X I wish I could pirate CS5 and Lightroom on there ): so I can work on a bigger screen!!!!

I keep forgetting to order AV cables for my laptop so I can plug it into my TV so I can use it as a screen for editing photos. But since I moved rooms and etc...I dont think I'll ever really have room to set that up. But I should remember to do it anyway - would make editing pics better for my eyes vs squinting at my tiny laptop which I believe is a 14"?....

This was the other banner I was thinking of using, yay Howl~ LOLZ but somehow I ended up with the Kenshin set instead since its more subtle? I didnt really want to think about the layout and threw this together in 20-30 mins LOL in between gaming x__X  Warriors Orochi 3 is addicting....

I also cleaned it up a bit by getting rid of the flickr feed on the side pannel and twitter feed as well....
I left my links ontop so you guys can still find my Twitter and Flickr accounts from there.

my friend lent me a 3DS with Zelda and Cooking mama on it and I have barely touched it! O___O I also need to be working on my commissions as con season is starting up again! I started on one

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