Friday, April 13, 2012

183. Spirited Away Inspiration


Another filler post! LOL. Sorry?! After having completed ONE Hayao Miyazaki shoot;  Howl's Moving Castle (which I'm pretty convinced needs to be reshot with a proper Sophie lol coz Howl is roneri) I've been inspired to do ANOTHER Miyazaki one, Spirited Away which is probably my second favorite or is in par with Howl's Moving Castle *u* and while browing Cure Cosplay I stumbled on this set. And I'm like WOOOW *u* amazing settings, amazing costumes, just an amazing photo in general! Must share!

I guess I have a thing for shooting in water and waterfalls lawlz. Their just something so magical about them. *cough this scene looks like FFX Tidus and Yuna needs to be at cough* but I'm pretty over FFX for now....

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