Monday, April 30, 2012

191. HG 1/144 Zaku Warrior Live Concert Version

Wawawah, before I go any further with this post. I want to remind you guys that me and Toshi are trying to desperarely get rid of some items. Most are new, or gently used items. I'm in the process of moving again and in need to clear out items from my closet so I can free up some stuff. A lot of my stuff has went into the donation box already but I figured some of the items I have up for sale are very much in good condition; have only been worn once and are very much still new. And we are selling some brand new wigs just intime for the cosplay season~ please check it out:

I may be revising the link since I'm allowed to re-spam garagesalejapan once every 3 days. Lol....
I'm willing to negotiate the prices as well since I just need to get rid of them at this point. But if their not gonna sell, then oh well, might as well hoard them some more ): 

my brothers are obsessed with those damn melon bars
and I wont lie, they are pretty damn addicting, refreshing and oh so good.
So great intime for the summer.

Went to Marukai over the weekend and I wasnt trying to get a new Gundam. Lol, I actually had my eye on the BB Destiny but I was like, naaaah no need. Then I saw the Pink Zaku Warrior (Lacus Clyne Live) HG...and it was the LAST one so I HAD to grab it .___. lol. Derp.

Look, the parts are all PINK. LOL. Awesome. I kinda wish they had a bigger version of this one...but oh well~ a HG isnt too bad. And apparently its pretty pose-able~  as seen on this blog here:

I havent done much posing with this gunpla. I just let it sit in my desk took me about all afternoon yesterday doing it. Lol.

 the pictures came out pretty blurry and I didnt really feel like reshooting ):  I'll probably bust out the nicer star fabric I have and use it as a back drop to reshoot this figure again...and hopefully I'll have my new lens by then~

I did a bunch of work over the weekend up in LA. 5 hair cuts and a straight perm relaxer~ and I def made enough money to earn myself a new camera lens and ordered myself new creepers - work shoes. Lol. Since mine has seen far too many mileage, wear and tear and are its last dying breath! So I cant wait for my stuff to come in!Since I can wear them to work and to play :o durp. My old ones...were the first pair of shoes I bought since I first started working years ago and were my first biggest splurge...They were originally T.U.K

and the replacement pair I got are Demonia and this time with a platform on it. Probably the best $70 I'll ever spend since I can foresee this lasting me several more years again...and among my other splurges this week are....plugs =A=ll I'm trying to slowly work my way to a 12g but I think a 14g might be the biggest I could get away with at work....and yesh~ star leggings. Just because it was under $10 lolz!

 Matcha obsession lately. This. Is. Amazing. I usually get mine with extra matcha powder....I use to NOT like it but it was def an acquired taste and now. Love. I make my own at home but when I'm dying at work and have pretty much exchange my coffee caffeine fix for a matcha fix now...

How I make my own (and it taste exactly like the starbucks kind): ice, matcha powder, agave sweetener, VANILLA CREAMER and skim mik.  Throw them all in one blender and mix!!!

For those curious; this is one of the items I'm trying to clear out from my garage sale post~ as well as a Deorart blazer!

I normally do not like brownies and have been trying to ween my way away from sweet goodies but last night was an exception. And omg. This. is.Fucking. Amazing. I am hooked.  I like to nuke the brownie so its nice and warm and the ice cream ontop provides a very cooling sensation~ fff sounds so good thinking about it now. LOL. I even baked carmel drizzle onto the brownie so it stayed moist. Its ok. Just run an extra mile. Dance another hour LOL!!!

 pudding pudding chocolate. LOL. Its basically custard chocolate?....baked INSIDE a choco in the shape of a pudding?

And blargh, I found a rip / scratch on my brown nuddy lenses! ): no wonder they've been so uncomfortable everytime I wear them. OTL sad. Now I gotta get new ones ): 

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