Friday, May 4, 2012

192. Oatmeal | Avengers & StarWars Day

My birthday is coming up and I'm turning another year older, but lets just all say I'll be forever 12. OTL.
idgaf, I'm asian, I can get away with it (especially if I dont have my face on)

I dont do these 'life update' blogs as often anymore here but mostly on my tumblog but hey, why not~
 Brittney got me this little  guy for my bday
and he is going on the dashboard on my car, I already have a storm trooper sticker
on the back side of my car lol. Yay.

Today is Star Wars day! (proudly wearing Lego STar Wars Tshirt - though I unconciously threw it on this morning as I was a zombie durp and was just reminded its Star Wars day by my friend...)


Last night went and saw the Avengers for the midnight screening! I still wonder why they had opened it world wide before they had released it in America o__o...back home we always got the later release dates so this is definitely something new...and long story short. THIS MOVIE DID NOT DISAPPOINT.
It was kinda pathetic that I was not as hyped up about it as I was previously, dramallama in life has put a debby downer mood on me but after seeing this movie, its pretty estatic. I sadly have NOT seen Capt America LOL. whut. yes. but now I def need to go find a copy of it and I need  to go and rewatch this movie.
lol, great, now the whole world knows where I go to see my movies LOLZ

Each character had their highlighting moment, the screen play and dialogue was superb - which to be honest was what usually concerns me with adaptation movies. but I gotta hand it to the script writer. He knew what he was doing. Had brought the characters to life with their mannerism and speech and best of all, had just the right amount of humor. I'd totally pay to see it again this weekend but unfortunately I'm going to LA this saturday to raid the Fashion District (HOPING THEIR OPEN COZ IT IS CINDO DE MAYO TAT COME ON PERSIAN SELLERS! BE OPEN ATLEAST LOL)  to gather some supplies for AX cosplays!

Speaking of AX Cosplay; I think I have alittle over a month to throw together a Trinity Blood Radu Barvon costume for Toshi!! 8DD excited~ and lets not forget I still gotta do Kuroshit (oh yeah......)
and some other commissions I'm working on...
Judal for Agito (Nick), I still wanna find more danglings to add to this.

 This is one of them, Judal for Nick from Magi. I still have a few work to do with this before I say the top is finished, the pants would be super easy. I need to get some resin as well to cast some jems for Radu and the jem ontop of his wand too....
its gonna be a busy next few weeks as AX is creeping up on us fast! ):

made this out of scrap pleather material and studs I had....

This was my sad attempt at making a pleather hair bow with studs since I saw this on tumblr not too long ago;

 I want want want but clearly they had softer vinyl material and I was working with some beastly pleather that hurt my fingers just stabbing it with the studs. I was trying to make 2 but the second one ended up looking really durpy. So I just ended up clipping it onto my bag. I shall try again once I have some pleather to use...(maybe go kill some old leggings or something LOLZ)

I discovered a whole sale beauty website that sells discounted brand makeup products, it was quite dangerous... but thankfully enough I walked away with just 1 24/7 Urban Decay eyeliner (since I'm so curious to try it and am tired of having the liner on my water line fade out throughout the day, the only one I've used so far that has shed good results are NYC water proof liner and the maybelline dupe of urban decay)  and a mini sampler of Stila foundation since I've been using BB Cream lately~ but con season is coming up so time to gear up! LOL

  Skin has been acting up badly lately, no thanks to mothernature =A=!!! and its been driving me insane. I dont have perfect skin, I wish I could say I did but I dont. And my stingy butt cannot go out of my way to spend $30+ on face mask products from Sephora lol even though I shamelessly like to browse but meh, I figured I'd try something cheap first. Queeee in oatmeal, honey and yogurt face mask! 

How to do it: organic yogurt, a spoon full or two of honey and a packet of instant plain regular oatmeal! Mix and I like to leave it on my face till it tries, which is about 10-15 mins. Rinse.

And I recently tried using JUST OATMEAL as a face mask / defoliant. It smells good and definiately does leave my skin smoother o__o I first read about it from bubzbeauty and honestly, having tried it, I'm definitely a believer.

And I just discovered COLD CREAM last night. I know my mom use to use it (and still does use it to this day) as a makeup remover, and cleanser but last night after  crawling back home at 3am I figured I'd give it a shot and damn! that napkin was full of dirt and makeup! :o hella believer!!!!!! Its a classic and trully believe it works. I always thought it was an old lady thing xDD....

Definitely gonna get my own tub of it especially when I go to cons TAT this is amazing~ I normally use a japanese cleanser from Naieve??? as a face wash / cleanser / makeup remover but it does leave my skin kinda dry....but yes! Cold Cream and I wash my face with Body Shop Green tea cleanser then exfoliate with oatmeal. Its amazing.

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