Tuesday, May 15, 2012

195. New lens!!

And I do not mean new circle lenses LMAO but a new legit camera lens~ It only took me what....years to finally cave in and get one...

I've had my dSLR for quite sometime now...probably over 3+ years??? I just havent bought a lens for it at all since I held out on getting it since I kept thinking I rather buy a new camera but oh well.

SO YES! ONE OF THE MOST EXPENSIVE THINGS I OWN lol (and thats saying a lot I think...) and probably one of the best things I've ever gotten for my birthday lol. Yay me.
I ordered my lens from B&H Photography versus ordering it from Amazon since I'd felt more comfortable ordering a lens from a reputable seller - one that specifically specializes in photography and video equipment and I've heard good reviews from several people. And not to mention I got free shipping with tracking with my order. I got mine in exactly 5 business days via UPS  (their store is based in NYC)  They also offer returns and exchanges on their website too!

Man, I cant believe it took me this long to cave in and buy a new lens LOL
But now that I have it, I'm pretty glad I did. Its much less of a heavier investment than getting a new camera and honestly having finally played with MY OWN new lens, Its really made me come to terms better with the fact that its not really about how good the camera is, but how well you compose each photo and how you take it. Cameras, flashes, lenses, etc. Are all just tools in aiding us to get to that ideal image we have in our head...

yeah...I'm pretty sure I'm talking bs out of my butt but blargh. Onto the quick snaps I took lol.

They look fine when its small but when you blow them up you can clearly tell theres some grainy noise to them. I should have adjusted the iso when I was playing with the camera and should not have been testing this out on a subject that just refused to sit still LOL! I look forward to taking this baby out and trying it out on some photoshoots.

Its incredibly light weight and QUIET!!!!!! it is AMAZING amazing amazing lens. Has good zoom and its just unbelievably quiet .__. has an auto focus feature to it too. 
I cant do a thorough review on this since I just played with it for a few mins last night lol but you can clearly tell its not that amazing on low light settings since thats one of the things the alpha series lack. But oh well, I'll be able to judge more what this bad boy can do come Am2 or Anime Expo since I dont plan on doing any shoots prior to that since I need to be busy working on costumes lol.

Now I'm contemplating if I can afford an external flash or just go cheap and buy a reflector for AX...
/: the only thing with a flash is, its hard to just work with just ONE especially when shooting in the dark, in my experience its usually better to have 2-3 with you so you can bounce them all off each other. But Thankfully enough AX has some DECENT lighted areas and indoor places to shoot. And I doubt I'll be doing out door shoots much considering the surrounding area gives me less to desire. Blargh.
I need to focus on working on costumes before I invest more into the camera orz

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