Monday, May 7, 2012

193. Fashion District, Food pr0n and prebday splurge

Don't really have much to talk about except for the fact that we had gotten some epic mad deals when we went to the Fashion District over the weekend during Cinco de Mayo!!! Hola!!! and Suprisingly enough a lot of the stores were open! We were all pretty worried a lot of them would be closed due to the Holiday....
but suprisingly enough a lot were open and I came out with quite a few fabric. My biggest find of the day was the 6 for $1.00 buttons! LOL. I probably bought like $15+ worth of buttons lol~

 These iPhone photos doesnt do the buttons I got any justice but you can see some of the ones we got~
bought some trims and buttons for Trinity Blood and Kuroshit cosplay for AX. Now the battle is to get through all my commission work and finish all cosplays in time for the convention x__X

Sadly enough, after laying everything out, I'm pretty convinced I did not buy enough laces for  Radu, as most of the ones I bought were going to be for Lizzy ): so I'll most likely have to make a run to the Swap Meet this weekend after picking up my sister from the Airport.

While at LA, we stopped by Little Tokyo and did a major splurge on some expensive cookies; macarons!!!

I really like rose and vanilla~ but I bought them mostly for my mom o_o but we couldnt help ourselves and ate a few...durp lol.

And then some snack pr0n while at Woori Market lol.

I really dont know what this is but its definitely interesting, I have not tried it yet. Its sitting in my fridge waiting to be opened :o

Rice cracker people LOL?!

They definitely are not Matcha Latte kit kats ):

Apparently these are like...candy sticks??? with soda flavoring 
on the inside?!

Really wanna try the rose one just because...but no.

They also had some Lychee flavored Alcohol and I was tempted to get some LOL and some other apple flavors but I was like :O noooooooooooooo~ lol. I'll probably come back for those when I'm up there again HAHAHA. Lychee alcohol~ lol. Yes....I'm still on a quest for a bottle of melon soju~

but the biggest splurge of them all was a new camera lens TAT that I bought last night. uwuwuwuwuwuuuuu

this lens purchase has been very much long over due!! I bought the Sony Sal 55-200mm camera lens. 
I use an older Sony Alpha 100 and have hesitated purchasing a new lens for the longest time since I had it in mind to upgrade to a new camera but has never happened. Lol. So I figured I might as well try and get a new lens since I've been waiting to do this for far too long! I purchased my lens from B&H Photo and should be arriving to me in about 5-8 business days.


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