Thursday, May 10, 2012

194. Post Bday post & Top Photo Apps I use

Birthday came and gone...was pretty uneventful for the most part since I decided to go to work that day instead of requesting for the day off. Well, mostly because it was on a Tuesday. Which is probably one of the oddest times of the week. Same old same old at work. But my co-worker made some unicorn rainbow cupcakes lol (rainbow dash cupcakes anyone? - yes bronies ftw)


 Got home and mom got me my absolute favorite cake (which will be the death of me) Red Ribbon's Coffee Crunch Cake *u* ommmgggggg

 I mean how magical is this?! lol ok ,you probably cant see it. Its a lightly flavored vanilla cake with a hint of butter scotch and coffee candy filling in between and drizzled with butter scotch. I like asian bakery cakes better since their not as sweet as most american sweets.

We had nom noms. BBQ Pork peking style and some salt & pepper chicken wings and some conversations and all pretty much went on with our day lol.Yes. I'm pretty lame. I'm trying to plan something this weekend probably but its most likely not gonna happen since commissions and conventions are taking priority lol! so no karaoke and drinks with friends then haha....oh well. The celebration might as well happen at every year?...if we dont forget?...haha I dont know lol. but I definitely know I did not get enough lace to cover Trinity Blood Radu so I need to go get more of that and get cracking on stuff TAT...will be posting progress photos as soon as I get cracking on working on stuff /: pfft.


My top 3 photo apps on my iPhone (I cant really say much since I'm not a big app whore nor do I want to overload my phone with several apps since I'm afraid it will slow my phone down and...really...who needs THAT much clutter and apps on their phone? even if we can group them to sub folders anyway)
but here are the photo apps I have and mostly no particular order...

Lumie - this app is mostly good if you're looking to get the retro bokeh effect, alot of people give it mixed reviews. But if you scroll to the left after uploading your photo, you do get more options for the bokeh filter.
And I like that this doubles as a polaroid frame/app.
The only down side I  gotta say about this is that some of my photos tend to be converted to a lower quality after adding the bokeh effect - it blurs it and gives it ALOT of noise. And some photos comes out decent. /: I hope they fix that with an update soon...
the biggest plus on this is that it gives you a 'Share to Instagram' option!

 Princess Camera - aka the Purikura app. I've only really used this app a few times and got it on a whim. If you've done purikura before, this is the app for you since you can upload pictures from your PC to your iPhone/iPad and decora it up with this app since it pretty much has everything a purikura machine has to offer minus the $6-10 price tag + print LOL.

I like that it also offers lighting effect adjustment as soon as you upload a photo which gives you the over saturated / overly filtered light as if you were in a photo booth!  

Instagram~ my foremost abused App on my phone (as you can tell from the side bar) lol. There isnt much to say about this app since I feel everyone and their mom has this one already. Its basically twitter...but...mainly for photos and it gives you hipster style photos...aka it gives you filters that range from lomo fil to a retro effect to BW! And it allows you to share them instantly with other Social Networking sites such as Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter. As well as the option to email a photo directly from your app.
this use to be an exclusive Apple only product but now is available for the Droid. And I heard you can BUY instagram directly for your iMac / mac book called InstaDesk   and a quick google search for a PC clone quickly leads you to InstagramforPC   its still a fansite and has not released the actual software yet...
much like Poladroid - it was a apple exclusive product but a PC clone was released for it shortly after.

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