Tuesday, May 29, 2012

196. The Baron of Luxor

Anime Expo is simply a few weeks away and I've been trying to work hard on grinding out much needed work in preparation for Anime Expo. Juggling my time in between commission work and my own personal projects.
Crunch time starts....NOW. (well actually it should have started long before LOL but personal stuff got in the way ontop of lazyness as well - that much, I wont deny lOL)

And while everyone was enjoying themselves at Fanimu ( fanime) I  threw myself to work work work!

Here is a sneak preview of the costume  I'm working for Anime Expo - this year (after years of saying we'll do it. Its finally happening) We're bringing back / wearing Trinity Blood 
and this time, poor lonely Ion will have his partner with him; the Baron of Luxor - Radu Barvon with him!
sadly enough I wont remake Seth (which is sad coz I have it sitting in the closet waiting to be redone and fixed up! I guess my goal after finishing Radu is to possibly remake Seth and then POSSIBLY make a new Ion costume for a new masq entry. Seriously. I need to stop milking out Trinity Blood. LOl.

I believe for this time around, Toshi will be wearing Radu and have Ash wear Ion as well....
then maybe for another time I'll remake my Seth...
till then I'll bringing Esther to Anime Expo...after having only worn it twice /:

if you see us please dont be afraid to stop by and say hi~

I also have a wig review I need to do for a new store...I just need to sit down and do it /:
urgh orz

I also don't post much progress photos up here as to not over clog it with random stuff....
you can follow me on instagram~ on the side
or on twitter @dearx or at tumblr (my personal tumblr is NSFW) but I'll probably maneuver my cosplay work onto my photography/cosplay tumblog then for a more appropriate blogging /: 

Random but here is a photo of the Seth costume I made~ my friend Lelie is wearing it~
you cant see the design on the train tho ;A; and I clearly do not have a hat done for it yet LMAO
 Photo Cred: ACP Paradise

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