Thursday, April 5, 2012

Defective Lenses & their dangers! READ!!!

I know this post has been floating around twitter, blog spot and possibly even tumblr (not surprised to be honest...) but I decided to go ahead and repost this here as well as I know many of you; cosplayers, gyaru's and what not are all - in one point or another; wore or STILL wear Circle Lenses.

But I hope some of you took the time to go to Mint's blog; and read her latest post on the dangers of wearing defective circle lenses

Circle lenses is, more or less a taboo conversation for many since a lot of people either love them or hate them. I personally am impartial to them. I like to use them for cosmetic purposes, for cosplay and for days when I don't FEEL like wearing my glasses. 

I personally wear circle lenses 1-2 times out of the week or every other 2 weeks. I own a range of different lenses and color and mostly purchase from trusted sellers and brands and I do my research prior to buying a new pair. but with that being can never be too careful.

She censored the companies names and specific brands of the company and lenses mentioned in the post but to be honest; its not hard to differentiate the lenses and companies mentioned - especially if your an avid lens wearer...and frequent blog reviewers.

The website in question is I have never ordered from their website before since I like to double check and read reviews and policies regarding defects and whatnot from their website. I've looked into their website and no where in there do they mention any compensation for defects and whatnot - again this is at your risk when you do buy lenses outside your Dr's care....

I've had my own experience with "defective" lenses. I ordered the Tsubasa Princess Bambi in Sesame Grey from another website, one that I trust and continue to order from...The lenses looks AMAZING but can be incredible uncomfortable after a few hours of wear. Sometimes I'd be forced to remove them just after an hr or 2 max. Sometimes even a few mins! I've been tempted to throw my lenses away for a while now but have kept them - just for keep sakes? /: I've complained about them to my friends before and have tried cleaning them over and over with the peroxide wash and etc. It did help but not for long.

So far my other friends have not complained about their lenses, since most of them wear their just for cosplay, I got mine in I say I probably wear mine more than anyone. but since they give me the most issues I rarely wear them - if anything I havent worn them since October. And after reading her post, I am most definitely going to be throwing mine away as there is no reason for me to really keep them when their UNCOMFORTABLE.

So I guess I just want to reiterate that if your lenses ARE bothering you, do yourself the favor and take them out and most likely trash them. Do your research and buy from reputable sellers.

So I hope this sheds some light to some of you, who DO wear lenses and to be careful from which sellers you buy from.

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