Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sales post: hair bows

Hand made hair bows *u* If interested, drop me a line at the comment box below :D or shoot me an email directly at: dearx207[at]

Heres my feedback page as well:

the sizes all range from 1.5" - 3" - 4.5" to 6" being the biggest bows :D

hand made 100% cotton bows made from Toki Doki style print materials. You can wear them as bows on your hair, add them to your bag as an accessory, to cellphones or even wear them as a bow tie! :D

Prices all include shipping + paypal fee.
A - $12
B - $10
C - $7
D - $5

Punk style black ribbons! Made with cotton and rayon blend material with special grunge rock print on them!
Print is made with special silver glitter print.
These are about 4" across in length. Asking price is $8 - again includes shipping and paypal fees.

these were pretty time consuming ahaha but their fun after seeing the finished product to be honest! I got the materials (for the Toki Doki print atleast) somewhere in LA, it was pretty pricey but I couldn't pass up on giving it up. Ahaha.

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