Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pre-con stress?!

I'm pretty bad I spent most of the time at work huddled in my cubicle
spazzing out with Toshi about AX/Am2
I guess we're both just stressing out over the money matters
and the emergency that happened with them and their rides and etc =3=;;
so I think we pretty much decided on the fact that she and Katie has
to take the train to come all the way from Stockton to San Diego
and from there we'd haul our butts back up to Los Angeles DAYUM! Back tracking much?!

TAT Shin is also apparently flying in to LAX International Airport. So wow, confusion much
and friday night is also Sadie's concert in AM2!!! I plan on leaving SD at 4am to beat
the terrible LA traffic hoping to get there at a reasonable time. ._. but this is totally stressing
us all out with the hotel fees, parking, GAS! Since we're going to be going up and down Los Angeles to Anaheim
and then AX. Dammit, when was the last time I went to a con with MONEY!
me and bro were talking about this earlier on my lunch break - lol, we're always just making
the bare minimum cut! Ahahaha just enough to cover our hotel and etc to get there, but not really
enough to have any spending money around elsewhere. It's quite depressing to be honest. AHaha.

I still gotta finish sewing a few items for cosplay for my friends. Order my new lenses so I wont be a
blind fucktard at AX. I need to order poloroid film but I probably wont only coz I'm so poor.
I wanted to get a video camera too but not going to happen again either! I dont even know if I have enough
time to sew an outfit for myself. Ahaha. Damn. Its ok, everything is just being a hectic mess right now.

But I leave you with something really cute that I found yesterday and am sort-of obsessed over :D
and reminded me of how much I <3 Hakuei's voice ahahaha!

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