Sunday, June 10, 2012

202. Lovely Review

This review is gonna be from, the shoes are not sponsored, I actually purchased these with my own money but I know a lot of people were pretty skeptical about the shop since the prices are so low~ and I know I've seen a few other bloggers blog about this website before to. I've been eyeing a pair of shoes from their website, and the sad thing is, a lot of their shoes are sold out (atleast the ones I wanted) but luckily these ones were not sold out so I nabbed them!

The shoes were around $19something, so I estimated $20 + another 10-15 for shipping, shipping is based on weight. They offer different types of shipping, from EMS rush delivery to basic Air Mail.

One thing you gotta keep in mind though, the more shoes you buy (more than 1 pair) you're most likely going to look at paying EMS shipping (which starts at the base price + an additional 10-15, per pair since everything is based on weight) so the price can easily sky rocket. I dont really advice doing a group order since the shipping is going to easily go up....

The shoes I got are these babies;
their made out of soft pleather and the soles are not heavy at all! Infact their incredibly light weight! From the website, it says the material is rubber, which does make sense since its pretty light weight, I dont feel any drag at all when wearing them and their actually incredibly comfortable which I was a big relief as I thought I was going to need insoles in there.

Shipping: I paid for Regular Air Mail, which took about 15 long agonizing days ): if your incredibly impatient like me, it might almost be worth spending the extra cash for EMS shipping orz

Communication: Every time I had a question I got a reply within 24 hours of submitting it and they were even nice enough to provide me a tracking # for my package.

From what I can tell right off the bat, I don't have much complain about the construction of the shoes, which I definitely lucked out as I've heard from other people the sizing may differ from one shoe to another and have had issues with the heels on their shoes. So I guess I definitely lucked out on this one. The only thing I can note is the heel. Which I have a photo at the bottom.

It's not that big of a deal tbh, you get what you pay for.  The only thing I can note about this is the
pleather material sticks out a little bit past the cork at the bottom. 


  1. did sizing stay true for you? and do you have wide or narrow feet? i'm thinking about buying some shoes from them, and i dont want to buy stuff that i cant wear. i have a size 8.5-9 medium-wide foot.

    1. I'd say the sizing stayed true to the sizes they advertised on the website. I ordered a Size 7. I can usually wear a 5-6. Depending on the style of the shoe I guess, but my usual go to size is 6.5-7. I think I have medium wide foot wise, and the heels fit me perfectly fine. I've worn open toed heels from other brands before and never had issues of them pinching my toes or my feet or it being too narrow at all.
      Their shipping can be a beast tbh since they do it per weight, once you order more than 1 pair, your shipping is automatically EMS so it can get pricey but the shoes themselves are worth it in my opinion since their so cute and cheap.

  2. I bought 7 pairs of shoes from the lovely shoes site.Oh my goodness,i was so impressed!not only were they all true to size but they beautifully wrapped each of them in a tissue cloth bag with the thick foamy sponge inside the shoes so that the shape of the shoe would not get squished.and not one had a defect that i could complain about.In the previous reviews i had read about a certain smell that would be present on opening the boxes but i didn't.Maybe i was lucky.And their customer service was out of the world.I had ordered from uae via aramex and i recieved it within 3-4 working days.All in extremely impressed and give 5 stars to the site

    1. awesome! I believe as soon as you order more than 1 pair your order automatically gets submitted for EMS shipping which is that 5-7 day guarantee versus regular airmail.

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