Thursday, July 19, 2012

206. Life after AX

Normally by now you guys would have seen a photo dump from me from my weekend at AX but I will not lie, I was holding off on doing this post since I do not have photos from AX to post up....atleast legit photoshoot ones. I wont go into detail on this one, I actually had written 2 different blog posts regarding this. But if I decided to post this one, its clear that I just decided to be the bigger person (no pun intended) and just walk away and accept that my memory card was stolen straight from my camera the last evening of Anime Expo...

I'm not going to go into all the details and the "drama" that whirled around it the days after... in short, all the photos I took of my friends are forever gone unless the person who took it can find it in them to give back the memory card but its quite clear its been weeks and it will not show up and before anyone else says "what if you dropped it?" or "what if you took it out?" Nope. And Nope. I wont go into detail but I for one do not remove my memory card from my camera unless its full and a CF just doesnt pop out of a dslr...I've tested it.

Did we have an open door policy for our room? No not really, we did drink - not going to lie about that one. but it most definitely is not an open door policy and to all my friends who do have an open door policy for their room parties /: be weary and alert. Keep your stuff locked away - they do have safes in the hotel rooms for a reason. Best to be safe!

I really don't want to go into complete details about this and create more unnecessary drama and garner more haters 83....dundundun...Its over. Its done, its not coming back. So lets move on please :D

AX this year...was....very...interesting...its most def. one of my more laid back conventions .__. and thats weird considering its AX! Possibly one of the biggest event I go to every year....The X games have definitely made going to the convention a very daunting task with all their road blocks and whatnot )':

I arrived Day 0 and had the room all to ourselves *u* and we raided Woori mart for some goodies to help keep us fueled and fed while lazying in the hotel room and enjoying the cooollld lovely AC...Normally this is the part where I dump photos of junk food but that didn't quite make it LMAO!!! And my friends are forbidding me from posting the white face ghost mask photos LMAO!!!

And since I don't have photos from AX. I will dump you guys with cellphone and polaroid photos lmao...

I dragged Ash into the dealers hall with me the third day in our Trinity Blood costumes just so I can claim a new Gundam *u* I was originally eyeing the Titanium MG Sinanju but when I got to the dealers hall the price went up by $100!!!!!!! DDD8 its NOT that expensive online!! OMG So I just settled for something less QwQ and I came back the following day with Ying to get more LMAO and trust me, it was a TASK just going into the dealers hall in a giant ball gown dress lmao! nonetheless try and navigate the Bandai booth in one...

 only picture I have of Nick in the Judal costume I made him lol. I'm sure he has more photos spammed on his page and etc lawl. And I think he thoroughly enjoyed himself in that costume.
And yes. more foodie photos with Hannsel LOL

lookie our kurogroup LMAO.
ok not the best photo but still. we went to shoot at the Biltmore Hotel but alas, with my memory card gone. No photos from me )': but Anh should have some on her flickr feed;


instead of legit photos, heres Selca from Hannsel's camera of us durping in the room while waiting for Ash to get ready as Sebastian before handing the duty off to Christian that evening.
You cant really see how bright my contacts here are since my shades and bangs are covering them up but they are definitely some nice greens!! They are the puffy 3-tone green which I need to do a review on as well...
when that will happen...IDK yet ;A;

here, have a picture of Toshi molesting Ash in Trinity blood lmao...
I made a Radu costume for Toshi but I guess it didnt quite work out ;A; oh well, it needs a proper shoot someday.


Wont lie, I spent most of AX drunk when the sun went down and this is the after hang over day. LMAO....
At the last day. I think I slept at 7am and had to roll out of bed around 9am to do a final run at the exhibit hall since I wasnt able to check it out at all till the 3rd day and only for less than 30 mins...which gave me enough time just to gather my Sinanju ;A;

So yeah, I'm sorry but my AX post is pretty boring as there really wasnt much to talk about. It really felt like a vacation of some sort. A long weekend party since I didn't get to see/meet as many people as I had intended to since the X games really made it un motivating to even to go the con hall - and it took everyone forever to get ready every morning.  I'm most def. looking forward to the fall cons where its less hectic again.

And with that being said, lol, I've been busy planning a few photoshoots before the fall con season hits in full swing. Which makes me think how far behind I'll be on reviews and etc. Oh well. I also need to update that sponsorship program with Lovely Fashion ;A;.....

But a few things I'm excited for is a *epic* Code Geass photoshoot and possible a Guilty Crown one and one surprise cosplay I'm hoping to debut for PMX or get a few shots released before then :D
So much work to do! I'm stoked to be updating with progress photos as well.

Until then...let me dump more instagram photos from the past week(s)

 I've been the food runner lately for the office ;A;ll
not that I mind, lol since my lunch is the latest /: and I guess everyone gets the munchies by then...


Theres nothing special about the matcha latte powder to be honest.
Its just easy and you throw it in hot milk and mix, put ice on it for an iced version. Its got the right sweetness
and matcha flavoring to it. But if you already have Matcha Powder at home - no need to get this.
the only convenient thing about is that its already pre-sweetened and measured out for you.


 you can never have too many lashes!!!! And VS had a sale on their  fragrances and I was already running out of my current one. Originally $50, got it for $12 after taxes.

 So yes, a boring convention post, or post con post. But the next few ones I hope will be more exciting. I'm also been picking up more and more gigs lately. I think the wedding season is picking up again...which is good so it would help fund my other projects *u* as you know, cosplay is not cheap and I'd like to get another lens too )':

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