Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dueba Puffy 3-tone Green lenses review

My long over due review for these lenses....I got these a while ago but never opened them till closer to AX. I was looking for a pair of green lenses that would work well for cosplay and show up well enough. I was debating between these puffy 3-tone and the Princess Bambi Green ones. But I hesitated on the princess Bambi ones since I've had a bad experience with the grey ones being incrdible uncomfortable even though I've worn lenses that are 15mm /:

BC:  8.6 mm
DIA:  14.5 mm
Water content:  38%

I got these lenses off of Kiwi Berry during their many sales. So follow their facebook to keep up on sales they have on lenses and as always, your lenses comes with a free case! There isn't much to say about these lenses that people have not already talked about.

Design: And as the name implies, the design on these lenses have a 3-tone color that helps gives a hazel-green naturalish color with minimal black ring for enlargement.
In the middle theres a hazel yellow gold ring and fades to a brighter green color and as it goes towards the edges turns a darker almost black to makeup for the ring about to help enlargement

Enlargement: I dont really think these lenses are the ones to go if you're looking for enlargement
since the limbal ring isnt as thick as the princess bambi ones or is it as pronounced. These are great for a semi enlargement effect - or if you're looking for something a little bit more natural. The only thing I'd say thats unnatural about them is how bright they look in direct sunlight and even on indoor lighting they pop up well enough that they are definitely distracting lol....

Comfort: These lenses are by far my favorite lenses next to my geo nudy ones and these are about 14.5mm and these are incredible soft lenses. So soft that if your finger is wet and you're trying to put them on they concave on themselves lol...
I've worn these for 8+ hours (which is bad~ lol) but I didn't have much issues with it drying out.

Here's my natural eye color and the lenses as is.
I have dark brown eyes.

Lenses on without much eye makeup or any at all LMAO

  With makeup: (In door lighting)

 Outside lighting (under the sun):

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  1. I like these lenses a lot. They look very nice on you!They show up well on your dark eyes!