Saturday, August 4, 2012

208. Some recent gets

Updates have been pretty slow - mostly coz I don't really have much to talk about and social networking sites like Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram has made it so easy to forget you even have a real blog anymore lol. I'm sure a lot of bloggers out there can sympathize with that. Since my lack of a AX con report and I also pretty much skipped out on Comic Con it looks like events are running dry for me as of late. That and I think I'm caught up on my reviews after this post lol...

I have a new lens coming (circle lens) coming in pretty soon that I should be able to do a review on and a few articles/posts I intend on writing mostly on the subject of cosplay / sewing and etc. I'm not sure if I would call it a tutorial per se or more just a tips / tricks post. I'll get to it eventually hahaha~ since right now I'm busy planning / working on the Code Geass photoshoot *u* as it looks like Guilty Crown got pushed back. But hopefully in the coming weeks I'll have some decent progress photos posted up to help hype us all for the big big big photoshoot I'm planning *u*

and also~ I'll be going to Nisei Week next weekend 8D with Hannsel and meeting up with some people! Hopefully I run into some of you folks! 

since I havent picked up my camera in a while I decided to put together a photo dump post and a mini review on some 'gets' from the last couple weeks...

Little did I realize I was shooting on JPG and not RAW! ):< gddamit lmao

my first floral sundress~ lmao. yes, I'm not a sundress type person. Or a floral MINT person either. 
it looked really nice on the model website lmao and there was just something about the color that
just draws you in, its totally not my regular style but its fun to dress not like yourself once in a while.
I just need to get proper sandals and a lighter colored cardigan to go with it lmao
as all I own more black.
I can see this would be nice with my new wig that I ordered too haha and maybe a wide belt to kinda bring it together...

and actually...I might hem this dress a bit coz I'm so short >___> and it comes past my knees...or just to my knees and I'd prefer if it was just a tad bit higher....orz

ordered new business cards for Nisei week as well *u* and to just hand out
this one has my real name on it so its less creepy talking to people and it looks less...ostentatious than my old one. LOL. I got them from Moo prints~They also make MINI cards which I really want once I get more shoots done so I have different designs...I think they'd be fun for cons to hand out 8D but I need to go through this stack first lol...

you'd think after that hit/miss mint green dress I'd give up and not get anymore dresses or something. LOL. Wrong. I made the mistake of trolling F21 website and ran into this baby. A chiffon purple leopard dress with a triangle cut out in the middle (which I covered up lol coz its just ODD wtf)

I like the baby doll cut on this one and it will be my back up outfit for Nisei week in the event I wont finish my harness dress intime orz

I just noticed Cover Girl had repackaged some of their quad/palette shadows. I gave the original palette to my mom and I realized how much I really used this palette so I went and got a new one earlier and noticed the change. I doubt the formula changed since I did a finger swatch and it felt the same and the colors are still true to each other. Just a chance in packaging. Which I like coz it looks nicer and looking? I know these eye shadows definitely does not get good rep. with most people.

the palette is called Country Woods and the colors are as follows: coffee, mink, barely beige and mocha

And honestly my take on them is that their not the most pigmented shadows in the world, which, as odd as it sounds - I actually find to be nice. Especially if I'm going for a very light look but not exactly willing to go bare on the eyeshadow department. These are what I reach for. Their cheap, their small and compact. Versus the ELF shadows - which are super soft and super pigmented - but thats just it, their so soft so theres way too much fall out and too pigmented that if not blended properly can just look bad. With these, their soft on the color - not too much pigmentation, lasting power is so-so, their definitely far from your 24hr eyeshadows. Some primer will help it last longer and prevent creasing.

2 of the colors they have in this, which I think is the Coffee and Mocha are very similar to each other - one is more shimmery than the other. I like to use a darker brown than whats on this palette sometimes if I want a more darker smokier effect since the Coffee or the Mocha isnt dark enough to really give you a smokey effect - unless you're super pale? lol....

And lastly~ some sandals~ which was my best get for the week(s). $8 from the swap meet. Not bad. And I mean, yeah nothing special about them, they look cheap, are cheap. But are damn comfortable. LOL. I dont expect them to last forever - especially with the price I paid, not bad. 

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