Friday, August 10, 2012

210. New iPhone Case *u*


Yay I love coming home to new packages *u* and after a few long weeks this baby finally came to me! :D click below to see the full review 8D 

And no, its not a piece of chocolate bar LMAO a lot of people commenting on my post on FB all think its a piece of chocolate lmao...oh ok. Sounds fun xD

Also~ before I move onto the review and photo dump. Who's going to Little Tokyo this weekend and next? :o

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The case came from  Direct Station and I actually bought the case on my own, I was not paid to do this review so I'll be giving my honest opinion on this 8D

How it works: the seller carries different styles and carries the same style for different SMART phones - this case I got, you can probably get it in the 4gs version or the blackberry version or htc and etc~ 

The seller takes about a few days to a week or 2 to create your case as it and they make it based on the original photo from one on the add. So the case you'll receive looks very closely to what you see 8D but not 100% accurate. (not complaining lol)

The package came to me in a nearly secured box, I was expecting a padded envelope but a box is definitely better to make sure nothing is damaged during shipment! :o Inside the package the case is wrapped in bubble wrap to keep it from any damage from bouncing around the box as well.

For this specific design(and I believe in a lot of their designs - if not all) actually comes in a clear plastic hard case and the designs are built from there, it fits just about any phone (make sure you order the right model) and snaps on.

the only thing I wanted to note, the 'chocolate melts' I'm not sure exactly what material they used to make it, but when you first receive the package, the chocolate melty part, felt....still wet and not completely dry?

As you noticed here ): this is where I didn't handle it too carefully and left an indentation and a finger mark. But after letting it sit out for a few mins, it solidified again and I didn't have any problems with it having that sticky wet feeling. I'm guessing its probably due to receiving the package in the heat of summer x_X and being stuck inside a box for so long...

So if you decide to get a MELTY design, be sure to let it sit out and cool for a bit before touching the melty chocolate parts LOL so you don't leave finger marks all over it. Haha.

Durability: I actually dropped the case on purpose (not with the phone with it) and tried to yank the bear off (not too much force) but to test how durable the adhesive is, and so far so good. If I actually do drop this, I'll edit this review. But, I'm afraid to drop my phone LOL so I don't expect to really do a thorough durability review. I'll probably end up editing this in a few weeks after having had this case for a while longer 8D but as far as I'm concerned, there is nothing a little super glue can't fix!

The case is defiantly HEAVY lol, its made my phone a lot bulkier and heavier than I'm used to.

the designs does not interfere with the headphone jack either, as I mentioned the case comes in a clear plastic casing first and the design is built on it.

New circle lens review that I'll be doing is on these new babies that came today too *u* EOS New Adult Ma with the recommendation of my friend :D I specifically ordered these from Kiwi Berry lenses and I didn't get them in prescription since I wasn't sure if they had my prescription and I was looking for something specifically for cosplay too. So, review coming up soon 8D


  1. *___* Wow. That case is really cute, haha. Thank you for sharing! I might actually check them out for my future cases!

    1. thanks~ its incredible gaudy LMAO and a lot of people are concerned it wont fit in your pockets...
      well, it fits my pockets OK. Sometimes it has to stick out a little bit. but i havent had any problems with anything falling off of it. And i usually put it in my bag anyway