Monday, August 13, 2012

212.柳生 九兵衛

Hannsel was such a trooper for braving the 100+ degree weather in Los Angeles this past weekend for Nisei Week, unfortunately most of the cosplayers werent showing up till Sunday for the parade, so we pretty much showed up a day earlier....

there were a few cosplayers but most of them were all dying in the heat...I personally was to...but again, I dont know how Hannsel did it but she definitely braved the weather to do this shoot. Thanks to Rice from for helping sneak us into the Kyoto Grand Hotel for the Japanese gardens on their rooftop.

We had to work pretty quickly since the venue was being rented out for a pageant and a wedding as well?!.... Thankfully we got a few decent shots while being there~

let me be the first to admit that I only seen a few episodes of Gintama and only know of the characters through wikipedia and from what my friends described LOL. So I had to rely on the cosplayer to channel the character their doing and I think it worked together pretty well~ as I wasn't sure how I would edit the photos. But I think it turned out pretty well *u*

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