Saturday, April 23, 2011

Frugally vain

Alot of people tend to make the mistake of throwing away make up tubes assuming that its all used up or empty! But! nu-uh! Half the time we're throwing away product that could still very well contain a good amount of make up inside! :O
I personally have made that mistake before when I use to use foundation that came in a tube. Then I remember someone mentioning before in another blog that they had cut open their BB Cream tube or Urban Decay Primer Potion to uncover theres still a good amount of product left. So taking that suggestion to heart, I thought I was running low on my Boots No.7 makeupbase/primer. Which I absolutely love! It cost under $12 and works amazing in covering up my red undertones ;A; which I absolutely detest!

Yes, yes, I know, the stuff is under $12 but still, do you have any idea how much you're wasting if you just think 'oh, theres nothing left coming out of the package, time to get a new one~' so realistic you're cheating yourself out of the product you buy! I for one would love to get the most bang for my buck!

So I took an exact o knife of blade and cut the top open and using a plastic knife, scraped off every bit of the product left, which was mostly stuck to the side or at the very bottom/top of the packaging :D and transferred it into a plastic container that you can get practically anywhere, mostly in the 'travel' section.
I got this lil plastic pot at walmart for $.93 cent! They come in different colors and sizes (per ounce)

And I'm sure I still have enough product to last me through spring/summer :O! Since I dont really use alot of it.
mwahahaha yes for being stingy!

And here is a shot of my 'make up counter' where I keep most of my every-day product. Everything else is stored in drawers or in my metal kaboodle.

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  1. Very clever~~~. :D And I've thought of doing something similar before with remaining product, but had nooo idea where to put the product. Haha.

    Those little pots are AWESOME. <33