Monday, April 11, 2011

Hetalia shoot + makeup Review!!! (LA Shopping haul)

b'awwwww D:<

but yay, I wanted to do a quicky update before I let it pile up in a big lump of random shit and will never update. lol.

So, went to LA this last weekend to help get my roomie's piano down from her old apartment down to our new condo in SD. And to do a Hetalia shoot at Huntington Library :B with my sis who flew in all the way from Florida to go on college tours for UCSD, UCLA and Berkley. which I will be tagging along with them this weekend to go on a loooong car trip on my new versa to SF :X
hopefully I can catch with Toshi while I'm up there D':
havent seen that bitch in forever .___. and I know she keeps insisting that I go to Fanime. B'awww

anyways moving on.

While in LA, we managed to dig around downtown LA for a bit and spend alittle too much of our nonexistent money >__>;;
among the purchases we did were:

  • ben nye make up LAWLZ (nerdy cosplays)
  • a new teasing brush ( for my dread makings lawwlz .___. )
  • custard pans D:< - nom nom junkfoods
  • new tights xD, no pic, but I got those damn vertical striped tights I've been looking at for so long, their the clearish tights with bold black vertical stripes that goes down. Sadly, I already ripped a hole on the sheer part =_=;; but atleast I got the website of the store I bought them from :D the lady that sold them to me at the Glendale Mall offered me their site to order stuff from and its free shipping for orders over $45. Support Small Businesses! :D
  • and; BB Cream and NYX Eyeshadow Primer (this shit is the fucking bommmmb! for the fraction of the price and it comes in a pot! ok, review coming up lawlz, yes?)

I feel so bad lol coz I'm pretty sure im going to SF with practically no money at all so hopefully Dad will spoil us for not being around for so long. lawlz /fucked up
.__. but I gotta set aside for expensive rent =_=ll dont ask why we have cable when we dont use it, its an argument I've lost....
moving on!

I'll be posting up photos from the very laid back casual Hetalia shoot at the Huntington library....the security guard was giving us a hard time even though we were all dressed pretty casual =_=ll I seem to just get stopped EVERYWHERE I go. The other week when we went to Dland, me and Mikey got stopped and questioned! WTF. SERIOUSLY?!!! makes me rage lawl.

I wont blog much about the Huntington Shoot on this entry, will do so in the next entry when I have videos and pictures done and ready to be uploaded :D

so basically after the piano moving, we had time to kill so we derped around Glendale Galleria then hit up Little Tokyo. And there. oh boy. lawlz. I wanted to hit up Maneki Meko, a store that carries NYX! :D lovelovelove NYX. The store is located NEXT to the Sanrio store in Little Tokyo in the same plaza as The Cube, Sanrio and Nijiya.

I picked up the NYX Eyeshadow primer in natural shade. Which according to their site
"Apply before eyeshadow to hold, intensify, and make eyeshadow last longer."

they have 2 other different 'primers' one for intensify the color and another is to give eyeshadow a more pearl tone to it. I'd like to collect them all some day :X

What I like about this is:

  • It comes in a POT! Versus the Urban Decay Primer Potion which comes with a wand and etc, a lot of people have complained that the packaging isnt very practical, which I personally agree as well
  • Price!!!! :D its under $15! 8DDD I think I paid $10? or $11ish after taxes.
  • After 8 hrs of wear, the eyeshadow still stayed without much creasing. And I used a metallic and matte eyeshadow. And normally I find the metallic shimmer shadows tend to crease faster on my lids. but yeayeah! :D
  • you only need a SMALL amount, a little goes a long way!
  • creamy soft light texture
  • Comes in a pot - can be a hygiene issue since most people wouldnt wanna dip their finger into the container, but I like the pot since it caters to makeup artists. When working with clients, I'd simply use a plastic spatula, scoop up a SMALL amount and apply.
Would I buy it again?: Fyeah! I freakin' LOVE NYX makeup 8D

Also known as BLEMISH Cream is like a tinted moisturizer with added perks to it~
this is my first BB Cream and I was in Maneki Meko when I saw that they are carrying BB CREAM! I was like o.o hoshit! nab!! they were selling Skin79 (pink) and the oriental gold.
This specific BB Cream offers:
SPF 25 + Whitening 8B

now I've heard mixed reviews about this and most BB creams for that matter.
I personally am not pasty white Asian but I wanted to give this a shot anyway. The packaging is better than the Gold Oriental ver. This one comes in a pump with a NOZZLE. Unlike the Gold Oriental one, it doesnt and just oozes down the package D':

for some reason my hand looks darker here LOLz. took this in my room against the window light.

(took this photo in my room ALSO o_O)

Color: the color when squeezed out comes out in a nice light beige color which blends alright. I personally wear Light beige foundation but my actual skin tone should be in the Beige region. I am just guilty of wearing a foundation a shade or two lighter than my skin tone regardless of summer or not, but I always make it a point to BLEND~

Light texture, goes on smoothly! :D and I have dry skin. So I was afraid it might dry out my skin or flakey but what I like about this is, like what most people said: it gives a nice dewy finish to the skin! 8B
I didnt even put a base or moisturizer underneath. It did leave my skin with a nice, smooooth texture :o

Coverage: medium coverage :D I was pretty amazed at how good the coverage was for something thats supposedly a 'tinted moisturizer' of sorts
its light and doesnt feel like you're wearing a heavy vale on your face. I finish this off with mineral powder to try and set it if need be but I've actually gone out without having to use finishing powder and its still looks and lasts pretty good :D
granted, I havent sweated in it LOLZ but of course makeup will melt eventually if your baking in the sun! LOLZ


Since it is a light to medium coverage, I still did notice that halfway through the day, my red undertones started showing up. I'm pretty sure they were there but under the lighting in my bathroom I couldnt tell. Lolz. but of course, normallyI would wear a green base primer to help minimize redness but other than that, love love love this BB and the price too!

Maneki Neko/Meko? was retailing these for $19.99, so I think I paid $22ish after taxes. CA taxes, you are a bitch D:<
online you can get these bad boys for $10-15 on most amazon stores. And on most sites, probably around the $20-25 price range anyway. but I was hesitant to ordering online and just jumped on the chance when I saw it at the store D':


After the Hetalia shoot, we went to durp around Puenta Hills and did Purikura, got food and dundundundun DESSERT!!!!

Custard filled TAIYAKI! :O zomfg nomnomnom.

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