Tuesday, February 26, 2013


This weeks Instabits also from last week, mostly a makeup haul really since I didn't really go anywhere the last week and the week before was mostly baking, working, more baking and more working. Hopefully I'll get this weekend off (kinda hopefully kinda not. I like making money LOL clearly - honestly, between my own splurges and bills a girls gotta treat themselves if you work hard) But yeah, I *might* hopefully have a gig this weekend to help a friend out doing another bridal party. And perhaps I can finally make my way to the Museum and see the Torture Exhibits and Chocolate Exhibits before they all completely go away D8

Speaking of splurges saved up for a few weeks and I finally ordered my VW Melissa Wing Sandals I am NOT looking forward to the cost of shipping qAq but I dislike the fact that taobaoring took over 2 weeks to process my order though - yeah I know there was a huge influx of orders coming from Chinese New Year but I am not really the most patient person ever. Yeah, I'm lame I went to Taobao to order my sandals. And I have no shame in admitting lol.

 First up the makeup haul that I got for $18 including shipping. $18 what? Are you serious for all those?! Yep! Gotta love eBay bids and blog sales right?! To be honest I'm not sure how to use half of those products lol, I bought the bundle mostly for the primer since I lost my Sephora primer needed a replacement, I got all that stuff for about $3, the YSL Lipstick was $10 and shipping was another $5 for priority mail. Check out Shirley's blog for more swag that your looking to score~ Shes got some BB creams up for sale too.

My biggest splurge actually wasnt the YSL lipstick but the Mac Powder and Sephora lipstick. I wanted to get a new contour powder and have been using the NYC bronzer which is OK and definitely affordable in price but I wanted to go with something higher end and I know bronzers lasts me a really really really long time and its worth the investment since it takes me forever to even hit pan. I've had the NYC powder for almost a year now and I just barely hit pan. and theres still plenty of product left in there. I went with something more of a matte finish the lady at the counter kept trying to push the mineralized power + warmth powder on me and I hate pushy sales ladies especially when I know what I want I sure know what I'm looking for. I ended up walking away from her and coming back to pick up exactly what I was looking for.

And I finally caved in after staring at that purple lippie for over a year now I finally got it (And for $12 which is almost the price of a lot of drug store lipsticks nowadays, not bad of a deal) its no.47 in Heartbreaker. Its more of a berry pink finish on my pigmented lips and its actually hydrating and has a shine finish to it. I'll be posting swatches of it when I arse myself to play with it. Its not very opaque either which is nice.
I should have gotten it sooner when the weather was colder but oh well, this feeds my inner gawth LOL.

I also hit my 100+ points from Sephora but didn't like any of the stuff they had on display for redeeming your points. Gonna save it up for hopefully something better and bigger.  Oh and I got some freebie from Sephora since apparently they have my bday for February and not May?....ok.jpg I got the Benefit high beam highlighter and mascara - always wanted to try a highlighter. I've usually just used eyeshadow as a highlighter...

Lightning FF-13 necklace (oh how do wish I could afford the official square enix one but pfft its the price of a 3DS. I would much rather pick the 3DS over that haha)

And lastly the Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Lipstick in no. 13 peach passion. At first the color was intimidating on the screen but after looking at some swatches its very close to my Revlon Demure lipstick - nude peachy pink color. This lipstick is incredible opaque, soft and buttery and it definitely lives up to its $35 price tag but I paid $10 for it so even better! (Honestly, I'm convinced your paying for the super sexy timeless packaging. Because, come on. Who wouldn't want it lol. A++++ for whoever designed the packaging) 

I first applied it like I would any lipstick - uh oh. Big mistake. For one, this lipstick is not forgiving when you have flaky lips. Best to really get in there and exfoliate your lips before applying. Secondly, it IS very very opaque and soft. Not much transfer (I ate yogurt, drank tea, water and etc and my lipstick was still on despite its buttery velvet texture. I had to WIPE my lips off with textured tissue to get most of it, and even still it left a faint stain on my lips - NOT COMPLAINING AT ALL) and did I mention it felt hydrating?! (truth be told, those revlon lip butters really are a good dupe to this honestly)
 the first application I just slapped it on my lips like nothing and it covered my pigmented lips really well, but against my skin tone, this lipstick on its true color just looks terrible (also doesnt help having red hair maybe if I wore a lighter wig it would be ok) but I honestly prefer wearing this/applying it with a lighter hand. I found the best way for me to apply this is to use a lip brush and brush it on my lips. Still good color pay off without looking like a trashy drag queen. And trust me. I love trashy drag queens. Just not when I have to go to work LOL.

And before I end this shameless post of pure vanity the biggest wtf so far with MGS:

Yes, its a legit costume you can "buy" for Raiden in-game...don't ask LOL also I realized I am shit with stealth games. I'm not a patient person - possibly why I don't play a lot of RPGs. I can't do the whole level grinding stuff. The last RPG I played and finished was Chrono Trigger (LOOOOOL decades ago) no...really, there was Magna Carta but didn't finish it. I got tired of Banana girl....and then there was Koudelka...not a fan of boxes....then of course Final Fantasy 4 (that now THAT I really enjoyed and didn't mind so much the level grinding concept), Legend of Dragoon needs to be remade HD version pls... and Final Fantasy X-2 I've played time and time again. The dress spheres was what pretty much kept me entertained. I just wished I could fast forward to the later levels since the beginning is always pretty boring )':

The last stealth game I played and did well on was Tenchu. Even then that game gave me a heart attack LOL it tensed me loooo. IDK how I managed with Snake Eater...I play this game too much like I played Bayonetta and Ninja Gaiden...

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