Thursday, February 21, 2013

Remembering your 1st...

Mmmmhmm....Its going to be almost 10 yrs since I started going to Cons. Wow...that may not seem a lot to some people but thats quite a lot for me lol! Because where I came from, Cons were not even a thing but the moment I left PI a big con was being held lol gdi. What. SMH!!

But recently my brother was rewatching Gundam 00 and they had Laraku as the OP singers for the opening and lol wow, it just made me realized how long I've been following Laraku since the 90s and it also made me think just how long I've been following TMR too. I mean, yeah on and off but I'm sitting here at my desk at work ( where I should be working and not writing this post ) rewatching his old concerts and playing catch up to his new tunes and it made me rethink and remisence that PMX 2004 was my first con and my first concert! HAHAHA. Oh man. I remember how estatic and insane it was trying to work up the balls to ask my parents to let me go to a concert in Anaheim (it just so happened it fell on my birthday month but I remember having to bargain with them to even get the tickets and permission to go! I had to pretty much spend every weekend helping remodel the house hah....paint, rip up of old carpet and etc...maaan but was sooo worth it. I think I still have my old ticket stud saved somewhere tbh!! hahaha.

I still pretty much remember it like it was yesterday hahaha, they said you never forget your first right?!!!!

I dragged my brother and sister to go watch it with me. And I remember that Nami Tamaki was going to be the opening act which I was pretty excited about too since seeing her on Jpop TV???IDKREMEMBER LOOOl. The international channel use to show Jpop song countdown every weekend and I remember seeing Nami Tamaki there before even realizing she was the girl behind Gundam Seed songs. LOOOO fail.
I totally remember what I wore too. I also had pretty fail fashion sense then....Which I'm not about to mention hahahaha lets just say it was my very sad attempt at being gawthy vigei then looooo and clearly nto knowing any better. Bah. Such a FOB then. SMH. Judging 16yr old me soooo bad right now.  [still do lawl ] but I remember feeling pretty badass then. 16 yr old me was so fucking stupid. If I could turn back time I'd slap myself lmao....

I remember pretty much pissed that Otakon got TMR the year before but was dying when I heard he was coming to CA. And Dying again this year because Otakon is getting him back. AX. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER. BRING TMR BACK AND I MIGHT. NO. I /WILL/ BUY A FUCKING BADGE. EVEN IF ITS GONNA COST ME TOO MUCH qAq
Seriously contemplating if I should go to Otakon just for a day just for the concert and catch a flight back looooool. No. Don't be stupid...

I've been to a lot of shows since TMRs but I can still say to this day it was still possibly one of the most exilerating shows I've been to. The floor was practically shaking with the amount of people jumping and I got some decent seats too! I was probably deaf and mute by the end of the night and woke up early the following day and spend a good chunk of my day in line for signing. I got to the signing about 3-4 hrs earlier but already there was a long line and I remember being nervous because I heard he was only signing for an hr qAq!!!! But he stayed~ and I got to meet him~ chyeah~ I even got to meet Nami Tamaki too lol.

I've seen a lot of different jrock and jpop shows and still not the same energy or stage presecense that TMR has QwQ (that or I'm simply biased) and I honestly like that years later I still enjoy his music LOL. I was obsessed with Gazette and Alice Nine for a while a long long time ago but that clearly didn't last long, their music now adays is blegh. /:

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