Monday, May 10, 2010

epic weekend was epic.
Fail at updating again. So tired.
So. Once again you get a bullet point update.
(sorry I didnt get any pictures at all on my 22nd!XDDD)

  • saw iron man2!!!!!!!! movie was epic sauce. When the guy from Shield said "i have to go to new mexio" i immediately jumped and if I could squeel like a little girl. I would! because, if anyone has read the comics....dundundunnnnnn~ THOR LANDS IN NEW MEXICO!!! AKA The God Of Thunder. The Son Of Odin is BAAAAAACK, Cannnoot waaait for the Thor movie!!! hell to the fuck yes.

  • I got Betsey Johnson earrings from Megan O_Oll coz she said she hates my gauges XDD and Anthony/Amanda both got me Resonance of Fate. Epic graphics but the game lacks tutorials and just throws you right into the game D': uh-whuuuut?! roflmao. Sorry Magna Carta. You get to sit there and gather dust once more.

  • Sat. morning. was spent wanking around with Mikey and our sad attempt at trying to imitate Kpop dance moves. LOL. Well, we surely got Suju's "sorry sorry" down. Oh the lulz. Too bad we failed badly at HyunA's pelvic trust coz we just kept laughign ourselves to death.

  • MY BROTHER. WAS THE HERO OF THE WEEKEND D: I feel sooo bad now bitching about him about all the times that hes not working and etcTAT coz he spent sooooo much on food this weekend that im like OMMMFFGGDDD: he got us Panda Platters and STEAK! YES STREAK! made spaghetti and etc! and even got me Cake! D: im like ommmg nuuuuuuu TAT but I havent ate DELICIOUS foood like that in soooo long but still ommmfffgg TAT

  • Spend friday night attacking my hair again too LOL. Thursday night I did the purple x red underlayer for my extensions. Now i'm totally over it LOL! wth. mostly coz my extensions look like SHIT after that. So I'll trash them tonight =3=ll. I got to a point that PARTS of my hair is platinum now. The purple "bleach" whose name I forgot now...didnt really do much on lifting =3=ll even WITH vol. 40 developer. So I'll attack it again with reg.bleach tonight D: I'll probably tone again tomorrow with Wella or just keep using ShimmerLites.Which i'm almost out of TAT so I need to go pick some up tomorrow or something D':<>__> since I'm pretty sure my extensions wont match as soon as I get light enough lol. UNless I tone them but I rather nooots /: but so'k. Short and spikey for now. I call this the 'retransformation' roflmao. whut? hahahaha. Just going back to the 'old me' but leveling it up just a tad bit more? :D perhaps? I doubt I'm making sense. Haha.

  • Spend all day Sunday playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Fudge. I wanna play still lol. and I need to get my Street Fghter Game up again stilll lol and get back into Blazblue XD

  • More importantly. I need to hit the gym again. Badly. i've taken a whole week off last week coz I've been wanking with my hair ROFLMAO. Oh Fanime. I'm sorry but I will look like a fatty mcfatfat when I head up there coz I;ve been fed good food the last week and I've been living off cheap cards /: -sigh- XD

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