Thursday, May 6, 2010


oh how obsessed do we get with out hair?!

I got rid of the pink. I redid my roots and threw an Ash toner on it. but I forgot that my ends are more porous and clearly wasnt thinking. Normally I have to do my roots 2-3 times to get it light enoughLOL.
I redid it again last night and now its YELLOW :D and I rid of the ash on my hair too. It was too DARK GRAY. Not the color I was looking for LOL.

Now my new goal:

Imma combine the first one and second one :D imma tone my hair so its light like that and do my bottoms red x purple >3

courtesy of

I will do my bottoms like that tonight.

Eventually, I wanna work my goal into doing this:

courtesy of

I've been playing with the idea of going black x purple for a while but I know photos like (the one on top) would make me wanna miss light light hair again LOL.

Ultimately, someday I'd love to do this:

Courtesy of DylanHoney :D her hair was so fab!

but I dont think work (my 2nd office job) would allow me to have such a BOLD color XD It'd be fucking sick if they did. But like I said, I'm sure my friend said there was another girl in the other office who had FLAME red hair like I did before =3=ll mmmmhm...
well, w/e. I'll give it a while before I do that :D and gives me a chance to build up the wardrobe again mwahahaha.
I cant believe I actually TRIED gyaru xD;; really not me lol.

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