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I'm pretty sure I speak for everyone (ok, maybe not) that their dream as a cosphotogapher is to get their stuff printed and recognized right? Well, some of us just dont quite have that luxury.
Some of us dont have 10k LIKES on Facebook or big social media presence to really warrant doing a photo print book - but I question, why not? Why not just do it to do it!? Ok, maybe it sounds really stupid but I cannot express just how amazing and gratifying it is to see your work on print. Wide or small distribution or not, the idea to be able to tangibly see your collaborative project on print is just too exhilarating.

This is clearly a prototype print that I just wanted to test out the print quality, paper and layout possibilities.
Why? Why not!
I've been shooting for as long as I can remember and though I am not a very active photographer in a sense I thoroughly enjoy this art and hobby. I've always toyed with the idea of selling prints but I really dont think people are interested in prints unless your super famous but I am a sucker for photobooks. Famous people or not - artbooks or photobooks, I just love looking at them. (Yay hipster animu photobooks though) And I figured I owe it to the amazing people I've shot with to give back to them with this.
I tried this printer out to see if I can do it, to test the waters and the rewarding feeling is just too much to bear.
This one isn't for mass distribution but simply a personal copy for myself to keep. I needed tangible proof (to myself) that I'm doing *something* right lol...
and also its quite reassuring that about 80% of the photos in this book were taken years ago with an age old camera and it doesn't look bad at all on print. (yay - biggest insecurity lol)
I am always eternally grateful to my friends who lend me their high techy cameras and gear but I am glad that the first few pages of this book showcases work from 2012 (or even earlier) all shot with my decade old camera lol...

For years I've constantly played with the idea of buying a new camera uwu but lets get real, full frame cameras are way too expensive for a hobbyist. I'm not active enough for work to really justify a 2k+ camera (though I'm still seriously eyeing the new sony A7 LOOO so we'll see what happens come black friday???)
I've also played with the idea of maybe just buying a new lens for my decade camera...see how well that would hold up...but...idk man its really disheartening sometimes lol coz the iso control to my Sony A100 is loooo laughable if anything but thankfully enough I do mostly shoot with natural lighting??? lol...sobs....

I digress though! The point of this post is to just do it, do it for you lol and its honestly not that expensive to print your own booklet. I went with a magazine style print and not a hard copy photobook (yet) since  this spanned from 2012-2015 photoshoots. I'm quite excited to keep doing photobooks moving forward when I collaborate on other photoshoot projects!
It was super fun to put this together - even if it was a trial run
so I went ahead and made one as well strictly pertaining to all the Visual Kei bands I've shot and some styling I've done. So I guess this works as a tangible portfolio of some sorts too 

More samples, but here is the layout to the new one which I'm currently waiting to get back from the printers. My friend convinced me to do this and after I get the final draft done it will be up on amazon *A*;; but I'm still nervous to even put it out there lol but why not I guess??


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