Tuesday, July 28, 2009

OOMMMMGGGG wtf is wrong with me?! i've been feeling terribly sluggish this last couple days =___= I feeel so stupid and lazy, all I do is work, sleep, eat, work. its an unending disgusting cycle. I should get up and walk around tomorrow, run, bike. DO Something. this is starting to get quite disgusting.I'm so sick and tired of sitting here at the office constantly yawning like i'm exhausted when really I've done nothing to really make me this exhausted. so, its like WTF?! D:It cant possibly be the stress. Ax is long over, shit happens, life goes on. The accident happened almost a month ago! yeah, again this happens I'm ready to move on. but wtf. =___=ugh.lately, i've been reading blogs and blogs and blogs. it helps pass the time away at work.and I've come to the point that wow, as easy as my job is at Marukai is, I'm so sick of working the 2nd job D: its nice coz it fills in my time and gives me money but I've hit a slump now and I've just been feeling super lazy ~___~ wtf is going on.I'm kinda getting tired of the extensions, I like teh long hair look but I sometimes like to play around with my shorter hair. but still /: hmm, I'm probly being dumb. I need to start getting into shape again, this is turning disgusting =___=

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