Saturday, July 25, 2009

so sick of....~

=__= i swear to god no offense to anyone who is a fan of twilight but seriously, I cant stand the actress of twilight, she probly did fit the well perfectly since I cant stand her character at allLOL she looks so gothic and gloomy and well. boring. exactly how bella was explained in the book (or from the little bit that I actually given it teh little time of day of the book) Iunno I'm just rambling because i'm hearing the commercial about comic con and how they were showing tid bits from the Twilight panel. w/essss. its also funny coz i know 2 people irl who looks exactly like the gloomy chick (aka bella) from Twilight ;P eww. do not want.

work was super busy earlier and now I'm exhausted.
Shin was originally coming over but well, things happened so i'm probably am not going to see him for awhile till I seriously get my shit together then.
life goes on, it sucks but it is what it is /:

reading my friends blog (she goes to Paul Mitchel school and I went to Marinellos) makes me really think, maybe I should have tried going to other schools /: but cant change that now, I enjoy what I do. I was just meeh coz they have a makeup class that specializes in photoshoots and whatnot and, well, shins looking into going to Paul Mitchell school. iunno, it just kinda feels like yeah. He really wont need me around anymore. I probly should stop holding onto what we have and just accept things as the way it is. Hes a growing artist, he'll find his own new concepts, own makeup ideas, stylings and possibly a new photographer and get into bigger and better things. I really dont know why I'm saying this when I pride myself in my work and am and will continue to work hard till I get recognized and build more and more of a better portfolio D:
but iunno.

a part of growing up is also learning to let go?

speaking of vampires, yeah I just totally changed subjects like that coz I can.
I was reading vampire knight earlier at work since just recently updated it with a new chapter. and. GOODGAWD What I was I thinking?! I really dont know why I keep reading this manga when I already soo many flaws in it. I cant stand the character, the weak plot and just how overly dramatic everything and it really doesnt grab me /: iunno, seriously, no offense to anyone who likes vampire knight but I totally feel like I have a love x hate relationship with it. Honestly, it shouldnt even really be considered lovexhate when. I feel like I just read it coz its there and i'm bored /:
I like the uniform design. Definitely one of the far more snazzier uniforms I've seen to come out from an anime and I did admit to wanting to own one just to wear once and thats it, but D: ugh. seriously. XD gawd. iunno, I was just probly going off on everything and anythingg I could have earlier at work =___= but yeah, Marukai was pretty slow then it picked up since more and more people kept coming in for the 20% off sale at work. I'm sure tomorrow would be hell but I'm not working tomorrow 8D

but, again, I feel like if I'm not going to be seeing him, I might as well not be wasting time (lol instead of lounging around and relaxing - enjoying my weekend) i should be working TAT. I'm still waiting to hear word from my friend if he'll be free at all anytime tomorrow or sometime in the weekend or weekday so we can possibly try and look at the car honda civic I found. D: It suchs working around peoples schedule when you, yourself have stuff to do TAT and I really need the car too. ugggh its so frustrating just the whole process and whatnot.

ps: my black circle lenses came in today :o cant wait to try it out tomorrow and see how it looks lul. And I got a new cross earring, well, its the same exact one I had before but its GOLD D: they didnt have the silver one anymore TAT personally, I feel like I'm more of a silver than gold person D:
everything else I wear is silver and so it just feels akward having a single cross earring /: since my other dangly is Shin's crown earring which is like titanium D: so wow, totally off colored and the barbels I have on as the rest of my earrings are all silverxblack LOL so totally off~

pps: I want to try and bleach my eye brows brown tomorrow /: coz, my hair is a lighter brown and my eye brows are still dark as hell. Iunno why but I just got impulsive and want to do it. I wonder if Phoebe can bring me bleach tomorrow /:

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