Thursday, July 30, 2009

purple drink

LOL OMFG WHAT?! I just spoke to a very angry customer on the phone whos accent and voice and tone and everything sounds s almost exactly like the actor from The Transporter! :O whuuuuuut.So tired. =___= I had to drraaaggg myself out of bed for the first time since I finished school D: wow. whut. fail.
lolol my nails match my for blurry picture o-ollthe razr sucks for photos LOL!I miss my old phone now /:

=__= im so tired of working but I checked my email earlier and my mom sent in an email, begging me to move to Florida, saying that shes worried sick coz my brother was a dumbfuck and called my mom and complained that theres no grocery money D: wtf. see. this is why i cant quit my 2nd job to go back to school coz I gotta send money back home to her, to dad AND feed my brother =____= rantrantrant.its frustrating coz his other job hasnt called his schedule in yet so his ass is only working 2 days a week at Sea World while I have to use my money a majority of the time to feed him =__=;

I realized I really have a bad temper regarding people who are one-uppers. who think that their always better than you without even knowing who you are. I try to think humbly and give people the benefit of the doubt but dont you dare say you're godly compared to me or think your the shit when you've barely walked a step in my shoes >__>

the one thing thats going to be the highlight of my night tonight: LA Ink. I was dissappointed the barnes and nobles I went to last night didnt have it. I have half the mind of driving to the one in Carmel Mountain just to get it /: coz I hate waiting even though the Barnes & Nobles here said they'll order it for me but can take a few days D:

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