Monday, August 3, 2009

Blazblue Weekend

another weekend passes LOL
well, this one is more or less atad bit more productive than my last couple of weekends /:
haha. Fail right? A recap of the weekend for the most part.

for starters...
Havent seen that beezie in 4 weeks since Anime Expo D: and if some of you are unaware we didnt exactly end AX on very very good terms but it didnt really drag on, it was just me being a retard.

-> Played Blazblue, Halo and downloaded Marvel Vs. Capcom and played the entire weekend away.

-> Went to Lens Craftsters and dropped down $250 and got new perscription AND new frames O_O Finally!
their awesome, black frames with orange on the inside and their VOUGUE frames lol. I was originally going to try and get some thing close to my original black rimmed frames but these are alittle different 8D yes yes. Will take pic later.

-> Went to a family gathering ( just coz I dont live with the parentals doesnt mean I can escape family gatherings D: ugh fuck fuck fuck) and rotted there for close to 2 hrs but I'm sure it was only an hr and a half. It just feels more tragic when I'm there /: but hey, I got fed for free and I even took home some of the food with me, which me, brother and Shin devoured while playing Blazblue XD

-> Saw Blood The Last Vampire Live action movie, downloaded it
it was WELL produced BUT! the ending fight was such a dissappointment D: no epic fight scene. Whut. I kinda want them to make a Blood+ now LOL

-> Also saw the new Underworld movie, rise of the lycans? it was far less dissappointing than its other ones. /:
when will an epic vampire movie come out?! D:

I kinda wanna buy KOF12 /: but I have yet to master Marvel Vs. Capcom to pwnage level. I've gotten pretty darn good at Blazblue since Shin kept kicking my butt but now I kick his ass....sometimes D:
lol. I really should get Basara X as well but meeeh that can wait~

waaaaiii, why do I always find myself updating this blog half the time or blogging while at work LOL well, ofcourse I probly do use this as a form of distraction anyway lol. Marukai wants me to work on wednesday morning /: do.not.want.
mostly coz Sho is working that day TAT and I dont know anyone else whos cool that will be working with me that day. I just got the message, I havent called Ami-san back yet if I can work on wednesday or not. I probly could use that 5 hr shift for dinero but...part of me is going UGH D: do.not.want. but that extra shift means i'm one step closer to....iunno. materialistic possessions?! XD

I'm also drinking Hansen's Cream Soda. I havent had soda in a long time and I feel bad drinking it already TAT and I also have Ghirardelli White chocolate. meeeeh....

Mikarin is also asking me if I'll be able to go to Nisei Week in Little Tokyo, I'm going to try and go, My friend has already offered me a ride to go there but /: iunno if I should. I feel like I shouldnt since I still have stuff to take care of, even just taking this weekend off to hang out with Shin I felt like I cheated /:

I kinda wanna go just to get away from San Diego and stuff /: btu I cant keep doing this.

but omg! GI Joe movie comes out next week O_O kinda wanna watch it. lol, not kinda. WANT. Coz the Baroness is fucking hot XDll

but yeah, I've been obsessed with Blazblue D: I wanna go home and practice it and be l33t with it. I'm also alittle irate that Barnes and Nobles is taking forever for the stupid Kat Von D book I ordered TAT gaaawd how long does it fucking take, seriously?! XD I'm just an impatient little fucker. I'm also alittle antsy about getting my laptop charger in since I wanna know if the shit I bought works or I'll be ticked off XD coz my desktop is being a little fucker lol.

my train of thoguth and blogging ways is so out of the ordinary since its pretty much eeeverrywhheere hahaha
I wanna go on ar ave about Lens Crafters. They have AMAZING customer service O_O the doctor I had was super nice and the staff was incredibly helping and yes, the promise to getting my frames done in an hr was exactly correct.
lul @ Shin for falling asleep at their waiting area XDll

lol, so theres my little rambling about that.

I want a kigurumi
I want new clothes O_O but I fucking hate marukai since its pants + tshirt dealio =___=

ok, I swear there was alot more i was going to write about, but my head is blanking out lul.

mroe or less, I'mhappy I got to hang out with him again.

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