Tuesday, August 4, 2009

messy desk is messy.and no, that isnt an alcoholic beverage LOLits just juice LOL. for some reason people are convincedI'm an alcoholic? XDDDll

new snake ring.

ok, yeah laptop is being dumb, desktop is being dumb too =___= I think the battery or motherboard is dead on the laptop. I need to get rid of it and get a new one. I need to get my shit together. I think I'm simply overwhelming myself now, I need to start getting my shit together before I really get caught in this loop called 'Life'where all we think about is paychecks, bills, work and how unhappy we all are because of our mundane lieves.I still need to get a car, my stateboard together, my life together.
I feel like I'm putting it off when all along I keep saying 'i'm taking it one step at a time' i think thats becoming more and more like a bullshit excuse for everyone and for myself. It sickens me to hear myself say this and it pisses me off how I get all rigid and stressed thinking about being overwhelmed with everything. Like. Seriously. Please. Wtf. D:
Need to stop the spontanous spending. Need to just stop. Stop. Stop.
as promised, new frames:

and....canned bread.

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