Monday, August 31, 2009

D: ommmgg this weekend was blissteringly warm! D: I'm not quite sure if I'm even making sense anymore or am I just spitting out random words now because my brain is so fried from the heat?!
This weekend I finally met up with Shin again after not seeing each other for close to 3-4 weeks?Things happen and it also just so happened that he will be modeling for some magazine /: so he waned to try doing Ruki dreads as inspired by Ruki from The Gazette (Filth In The Beauty) ver.

It took us just about a whole day on and off working on the dreads since i twas just toooo damn hot to be dreading and sealing them! D: it was atleast 108 degrees in my room, + the computer + xbox was on at the same time so we were simply sweating buckets the entire time.

First of all, we had an outfit planned but it was simply too hot and we ended up shooting in side my room using black curtains for a backdrop as opposed to originally doing it outside with the backdrop hanging so we get body shots. We waited till the sun went down to try it, I was also originally suppose to be working on a tutorial for makeup but again it was SIMPLE TOO HOT D: and honestly, as I was putting the makeup on him, we were just sweating buckets that the makeup didnt even really show through on the pics and we only ended up taking so many shots and half of them were just bad since it was just tooooo damn terrible to even try to do anything D: it was just simply toooo hoot omg D:
but I took enough, maybe 2-3 decent shots that shows off the dreads /:

We're going to be adding more to the top eventually...well, when I see him next which would probly be a long time from now and possibly by the time we end up seeing each other again, he would have taken the dreads off haha.

well that was the original plan haha


  1. the result is rly great tho, i like the dreads! good job~

    [thanks for following my blog]

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