Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I have a whole weekend and more, days worth of update to do on this blog so wow. I might break. I'm terrible. I always end up updating while I'm at work for some reason LOL, well, I get home quite late and have so much on my plate and to thisday I still got more and I feel everyday more and more stuff gets added on! :o but then again the more I sit here and write, I'm ending up multi-talking my job D: and juggling stuff. oh man oh man. thats life for you.

so yes, life. growing up. wow. everything feels like a dream. a blur. and wow. you totally feel so grown up but at the same time I cant help but feel like looking at people my age. students. who. more or less do have the same responsibilities as me but there are those who dont. So, wow D: iunno I definitely sound like I'm whining but man, theres so much expenses. student loans, dependents, bills and I'm also looking into definitely moving out soon D:

with that, will come rent and even more expenses. And the gas to get to work D: wowers. I dont mind the comute it just sad the car I love is such a gas guzzler (I drive a Jaguar XD...)

Life has been... turbulent. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. Challenges are tests of character and they give us opportunities to grow.

Currently, I'm definitely feeling like I'm getting stuck in this runt called, surviving life. I know I need to make time to take my exam. I'm not trying to make excuses but its hard to focus on the future when you got so much on your plate and no one else to lean on, especially when people are leaning on you for help. My mom has hit financial struggle. Shes living paycheck to paycheck and still got 2 more mouths to feed. This troubles me and I want to work hard to try and send her money and my dad (across the globe) some cash to help them out but of course how can I help them when I can barely help myself, and still, I got my brother here to take care of as well. ugh D: I really wanted to go back to school too but its come to the point that it wont be possible. Life is tough. Times are hard. We just gotta work through it.

Other than that, I'm glad I've finally gotten some stuff back on my feet. I've done photoshoots and am learning alot more in photoshop and illustrator and other stuff. I'm definitely doing alot of growing up as well, just in life in general.

I have more big projects coming up, planning and etc. I'm quite excited to go forth with this new business endevour. (again) and hopefully have learned from my past mistakes and other peoples mistakes and hopefully this can simply be a stepping stone into bigger and better things for the future as well?

we gotta work hard for our dreams. I dont wanna go into detail right now regarding my new projects. well. I have plenty of them, but the business one atleast 8D I still got stuff to do haha. oh man.

anyways, I dont wanna make this extravegantly long! when it already is :O

I went up to Little Tokyo last weekend instead of going up to San Francisco for the BTSSB opening and did a photoshoot with Scarlet Antidote! I was mostly up there for Nisei week and most definitely for the shoot >3

I'm super excited for the shots, we took it at this beautiful hotel called the Millennium Biltmore hotel. I'm planning on renting a room there for a night for part2 of the shoot hahaha and hopefully we'll have more models then too!

While in LA I also got dressed up in 'lolita'? hahahaha. N from Narcisuuss Fatale

made me a skirt and the headpiece was also by her, I just fail at getting photos. Someday I wanna be able to really do a well 'lolita' outfit together. Theres a specific dress I'm mostly defintely eyeing from Rose Melody :O

but first, gotta looooooseee some inches LOLOLOL

train station! my friend said it felt like a NaNa moment haha.
I was also wearing my gaudy black boots at the time so I guess?

I obviously went shopping at Little Tokyo, I love COOLs and POP KILLER >D
I got the leopard print red hat from Pop Killer for 50% off! I also got a new 'camera ring' from COOLs. And gold-snake print gladiator sandals from another boutique in the LT Mall 8D everything I got was on sale >3 so I'm quite happy. I've always wanted a fadora to go with my jaguar LOL but it also had to be me. I wanted to get the regular leopard print one but my friends urged me to get the red, its more obnoxious and me. /: I might still get a regular colored one LOL.
I'll be posting some of the pictures in another entry to make this shorter and clean it the entries, the rest of the sets will be uploaded on my other page: www.myspace.com/cs_studios O_O

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