Friday, August 14, 2009

Feeling all grown up

Tomorrow I'm off to ride the train to Los Angeles' Union Station to meet up with a few people for Nisei Week. Shoot. and have fun. I need to call the Millennium Hotel. To see if its at all possible for us to come and do a photoshoot there on sunday since the place is incredibly breathe taking! I really wanna book a room for one night, just for one night just to experience staying in one of their luxurious rooms! A room fit for a versailles era noble! And damn, do not tell me that that bed is so not sexy coz seriously D: the bed looks like a gay vampire would ass-rape some poor bishonen D:
and I dont even like yaoi but for some reason thats the impression I get LOL! so the weekend is most likely going to packed.

I went to the DMV yesterday to take care of car stuff and today I bought my first insurance policy on my own! D: it was a biiitch calling insurance companies and answer the same redundunt question. I figured it was easier calling than browsing online, since I'd prefer to be able to ask questions and get answers right away.

and I've settled in Progresive 8D
$109 for the first month D: and the next couple months are $106, It will continue to go down later on as the years passes and whanot. Why so high?
1. My accident(s)
2. It IS a sportscar.

And so, obviously after me finally taking care of said items that needed to be taken cared of. I feltso grown up! lOL (I also went to best buy to ask about financing, aka credit, so I can build credit to get an apartment later on! :O)
but anyway, so I obviously havent called my parents regarding the said car purchase since I wanted to take of everything myself before going to them. I mean come on, I'm practically an adult D: and I wanted to show my mom that I have taken cared of everything that I needed to and that I'm not being stupid.

I have considered the fact that my insurance will be high, and that I know purchasing a jaguar would eat gas like crazy even though I know I will be commuting but given the circumstances, the car was amazing, well conditioned and had nothing wrong with it. I'm tired of hunting cars via craigslist and coming up with shit results. and I love the car.
you make sacrifices for things youlove.

anyway. Fast-forwarding....

I call my mom to tell her about that and how excited I've been for this new job. but. dundundun. mom being mom. Bit my head off and just got irritated and very mad.

demands me to sell the car and go ahead and get another corolla and whatnot.

but. fuck that shit. I'm not getting rid of the car =__=

so w/e theres my rant for today. I had intended on going further but its getting late. I'm tired. I have an early train to catch tomorrow and I have yet to still pack coz I am lame-tard like that.

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