Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I want the green, blue and purple ones O_O mostly the green ones. I still have green acuvue contacts but...their not as vibrant as these babies and these are circle lenses! LOL. Want but that doesnt mean I'll get XD! I got way too much expenses/bills now and like I mentioned before. D: gas guzzling car. but I love it hahaha I need to set money aside for it too incase I need to dish out alot of dough for it to get repaired if ANYTHING happens TAT

I need to be more careful now with money. I definitely have alot more responsibilities now on my plate. Dependents. I was reading an email from my mom and wow it hurts to hear her say shes living pay-check t0 paycheck and I know for a fact I maybe more or less in a worse-off position than her, shes got my little brother and sister, but here I got myself + my bills and car AND my brother whos barely making any money =___=;; and I have projects I need funding for which comes out of my own pocket. I also have 'care' packages I sent back Florida to my sister/lil bro D:

its definitely hurting my pocket and supporting my brother hurts it too.

I spent a good chunk in the morning office (lol i call my first office job, morning office) pondering about my projects and etc LOL, and another bigger chunk of it here at the night office (second job) spazzing out about other stuff and hating the telephone and talking to bitchy customers 8D

projects: photobook - I havent worked on anything remotely close to getting anywhere on starting on it D: ugh!

fashion line/pmx project - I planned on joining 2 of my other friends in PMX as a vendor/artist alley booth but now that I'm looking at finances, I'm really in a pinch if I can even make it, with enough determination yes D: since i'll most likely be kicking myself if I keep putting stuff off
and really beingcaught in this runt of just survival mode D:
I'm already bad enough by putting off my exam. And other stuff =__=
now I'm debating if I'm going to be able to do this, money money money. I hate how money makes the world go round.

photoshoot - again this goes back into the photobook project. Never enough time or money to make the props, garments, and setting things up ugh. If only I get paid to do this sort of shit D:

fashion line/retail shop - THE biggest project I'm working on, and obviously this also ties into PMX and whatnot. D:

I really should look into investing in a adjustable dressform but I need to stop putting off the fact that I need to go and find an apartment as well SHIT!
I just really like stressing myself out now dont I?! D:

lol, on a random note i was looking at my designer myspace ( and I just realized....HOLY SHIT I AM 21! :o honestly, how can you even forget that shit?!XD

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