Tuesday, August 11, 2009

ugh XD.
i went to target in hopes of finding new sandals or flats coz I'm a lazy fuck and for my lazy days when I dont feel like quite dressing up or putting shoes on but cannot afford to be so casual as to wear flip flops to work, I decided to embark on finding some cheap flats or cheap but cute sandals.

that obviously failed since I didnt get anything LOL but I got pants..again...lol.

I personally dont like the look of pants on me since I'm so short, and quite stout LOL XD so fail. but I got darkblue navy skinny jeans >__>
since i've been wearing the black ones quite often and dont wanna be wearing black 4 days a week and wear jeans 1 day a week D:
the cool thing about my jobs is that they dont care what we wear except no jeans at JW Flooring! D: fail, while my other job (in the morning) is very lax and dont really care. I can practically walk in wearing something ridiculous and they wouldnt care LOL. Thats how chillax the business is XD;;
but of course me working at a more corp. office america from 4-8 means no jeans. So i'm glad I've gotten away with the semi looking jeans. aka the dark black and blue pants lol coz they dont loook like jeans but D: yeeeaaahh....

for some reason yeah I'm just not quite comfortable being all dressed up at my first job since, its all dudes and its avery masculine environment, so I guess till I get really intergrated into the whole speel, I'll probly just be sporting my retarded pants x shirt combo LOL.
FAIL. lol.

I tend to dress up more when I'm going out with my friends xD hahahaha. well, work is work haha. Theres my 2 cents.

oh shit its already 10 and I havent even watched that stupid ADobe Illustrator DVD my boss told me to learn XD I'm still concerned my comp. probly wont be able to run itLOL im sure it will, it'll just hate me for doing that to it hahaha.

seriously considering financing a comp. /: best buy says no interest for 18 months if paid off within the 18 months D: hoshit. Must think about it first TAT.

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