Tuesday, August 11, 2009

wow, there really are just somethings that you really dont expect to fall under your lap. things happen for a reason, that I definitely believe in.

I realized I'm alot happier working in Lifeworks. The job load is easy, overwhelming from time to time to think that you hold such big responsibilities. but I love it. It definitely feels like I am someone important. I play a key-role in keeping this business alive and making it happen. I love it. I love the energy. I love the drive. I love the dreams and aspirations. I feel inspired and driven everytime I leave work to continue to work just as hard and pursue my dreams. (Which is way too many to count) but I've definietly found myself in a cross-roads of now deciding or figuring out where am I leading myself to?

I also decided to postpone going back to school this fall TAT
I really want to go back to school to educate myself in graphics and finish up my AA degree in fashion. I simply cant afford to go back to school.

Working 2 jobs and earning money seems to good of a deal to be passing up not to mention I have dependents. I'm also considering finally leasing an apartment for myself and my brother. But after talking to my friend he said I might be better off not rooming with family since he might get too laxed about rent and me having to shoulder the expense. To me, I feel like its really becoming a double edge sword.
I'm also feeling quite lonely. /:

so I'm finally really seriously thinking about looking for a room-mate or something. with 2 jobs that pays decently, Its time to take the plunge. But I'm also thinking. Oh snaps! I'm also...really willing to try and figure things out and kick start my business...again hahaha. Well, now I feel like I have a better level headed mind regarding business and investments and whatnot...I also need to stop carrying dead weights with me TAT I love them, I love you but you're just not stepping it up to the plate as I have. D:

its also dissappointly frustrating that I'm just handing shit down to you but no matter what, I sadly still do it TAT I definitely fail at life.
iunno things just feel so sporatic right now and whatnot. uuggh iunno whats going on anymore

lol this definitely changes alot of things as I mentioned in my previous entry XD
coz wow. shit lol.

man, iunno anywhere where this entry is going to lead to. I need to go home tonight and still brush up on Adobe Illustrator. AKA learn it from scratch since I'm a dumbass and dont know AI LOL I do know alittle bit of Photoshop. I just need to practice and get the hang of layering the palletes and seperations for the business to help out my boss alot easier 83
it just sucks coz I get home at 9 and I have to sit there and figure out another program BUT! the cool thing is my boos gave me a copy of it. I just hope my PC can take it. other than that! i'm very much considering financing a laptop to help build credit LOL. I thought about an Alianware LOL! but gaming has become a luxury now D:
games are expensive. Shit. XDD

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