Thursday, August 6, 2009

LOL good bye and fuck you marukai >D

lol, i was talking to my sister about this one girl I really dislike. D: I say dislike since Hate is such a strong word. I try not to hate anyone. I know it sounds stupid and whatnot to say that. but seriously, I believe everyone deserves a chance.
So as much as I am judgemental, I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt.
but, this girl has countlessly proved me wrong, rubbed me the wrong way time and time again and has proved herself to be a stupid , weak girl.

Women are emotional, true. but we can be pretty powerful and strong.
I hate weak people. I'm not saying I'm wonder woman. I've had my breakdowns before to.

but. Its hard for me to respect any of her caliber.

but anywaysh, here was my little rant to my sister yesterday over msn.
(shes Tofu Bakery and I'm Babaganushi) lolol, shes so cute >D

[believe it or not, she was one of the first 'models' i've worked with that really got me into Photography haha]

I think its hilarious, I was so excited when I got the job at Marukai namely because, it WAS a second job. meaning, more/bigger income. Because, money is what makes the world move and its the difference between survival and whatnot and for me, I saw it as a way to further expand my social network. True, I complain about the work alot, namely because I am not a morning person and I hate waking up in the morning. Had I worked in the afternoon-night, I guess I wouldnt be so bitchy since we'd have more traffic of people. Half the customer I see in the morning is mostly old people D: which I'm not saying is bad but. iunno~
but anyways yeah, so I called in today at work, claiming, emergency. I know for afact Ami-san wont be happy lol. BUT! I did cover someones shift yesterday. I called in today so I can go to the meeting with Lifeworks! and see how it goes from there, hopefully its a good match and that I get hired. my job there would basically be my job for my own/old tshirt company but i'll be working for someone else LOL and its more or less the same job but with better technology/software! LOL.
the owners were pretty happy but their sadly hesitant since to them it 'feels too good to be true' of a match. They said they'll sleep on it and i'll probly be on probationary period for 30 days and see where it goes from there then I'd get a raise and be a permanent employee 8D
I'm really hoping I get it since I'm more or less tired of Marukai. I want to work for a company with room for growth and a company that I'm passionate about. I'm all up about small business and this invovled the skill I know and I can use 8D I like challenges. not like my stupid dead end job at Marukai TAT
It's alittle bit of a commute to get to San Marcos but I DONT MIND AT ALL! 8DD As long as I work with a comfortable company with plenty of room for growth! And a company I'm going to be passionate to grow with and I always enjoy working with smaller companies better instead of big giant corporately owned ones TAT
and like I said, I wouldnt mind the commute at all! 8DDDD It'll be a bitch but were young! We can do it >D
ps: picked up some stuff at Forever21 =___= bad me.
original plan was to go get flats, came home with bargain vinyl pants lOL and a new jacket and a new rose ring 8DD
lately I've been obsessed with roses, skulls, crosses, wings and stars :o
I also got a new Gears of War shirt for cheap >D uuggghhh shouldnt have.

I GOT THE CALL!!! I GOTS THE JOBXDDDDlol, yeah for the next 2-3 weeks i guess ill be working 3 different jobs XDllor until marukai lets me go
i'm putting in my 2 week resignation tomorrow since i got another job somewhere else but im keeping my JW Flooring office job in the afternoonbut till my 2 weeks is up, I'll be juggling Marukai, LifeWorks (yay I'll be working with Oppai Jinn!!!) and I guess JW Flooring XDDD

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