Monday, August 10, 2009

New Job! Excited but Fail at other one

oh wow. I just definitely got hit with a quick over-view of what my job consists in the new company I'll be working with.
Definitely feels quite overwhelming but I'm confident I can get it together in a few days or maybe even within a week or two of working. This week since I'll only be working from M-W (I'll be running errands Thursday and Friday and Originally I was going to be working at Marukai but I finally told them I cant come in on Thur-Fri since I got errands to run. ie: DMV DDD: and stuufff so I can be free over the weekened to hit up LA for Little Tokyo. Who else is going? lets shoot! (finalyl! hahahaha))

I am quite familiar with how everything works, but i just need to get familiarized with the system they use on the PC and my boss gave me a DVD to watch to get a quick run through on Adobe Illustrator since when we had our screen printing business we ran out shit ghetto style via Adobe Photoshop and layers and etc XD aahahahahaha. But i'm glad that we can all connect since we all more or less definitely started in the same place LOL! My bosses claim that the only difference between my business to theirs wasthat, their an overglorified garage business, who happens to be owned and runned by 2 guys who have 10 yrs+ moer life experience and a bigger credit card compared to my business. LOL.
Myscreen printing equipment (screens, dryers and etc) are all still sitting in my friends garage LOL so its not like I sold the business, my business license is still valid and etc. I just need a place to reset it up. iunno, who knows where this would lead to.


I just realized, I'm so spazztastic about my new job. Lol, my job, basically, what my role in the place is. Has anyone seen the show Ace of Cakes?! yeah I'm the lady in the front with the phone glued to my head XD
more or less I run the show, they said I'll be a HUGE part of the business since I AM the front line person O_O and their also training me in everything that they do, which is nothing new from what I use to do for my own company. except, with YAY sophisticated comp. software that makes our lieves sooo much easier.

I'm also quite excited to be workign with a small company that PLANS on getting big, my boss has PLENTY of giant amazing ideas. They did live printing for several events and are even planning on hitting up AX as a vendor and doing some LIVE PRINTING ommmggggg. And were not a tshirt printing company perse, we do that as a sideline, my bosses originally started the company as a sustainable eco friendly TSHIRT BRAND. So more or less, they do reflect the same ideals my personal company had and their planning on starting to print our own stuff soon. And their policy is, we'll print w/e we think is cool! LOLOL. So I might be bringing in some designs i had planned for XD Eksdee and bringing it in for Lifework! I may be selling out my own comp. but, I'm feeling quite solid with this company. i love it, their so driven and ahve big big big dreams and ideas.


And we all believe in that :o I'm so estatic to somewhat find my nitch! I'm so excited I wanna see this business go farrr.
Almost to the point that I dont mind the long commute, I dont even mind quiting my 2nd job at JW Flooring and working for them full-time TAT but I feel like I shouldnt be so rash! I just get so excited. Wow.

but I also need to thnk about this. I went to school for cosmetology. Ilove cosmetology, I like it, but. iunno. I dont want to waste it. I went to school for an entire year doign that. Took out a student lioan to do that. but sometimes, things fall into our laps that were not quite ready for lol or expected! Things seems to be going to be too good to be true at this point! D:
maybe I should get my license just to get it out of the way and figure out things along the way.

My original goal in life was...well...I have too many goals and dreams TAT

->I want to be a business manager.
->A designer
->An artist to travel the world photographing models and dressing them up - doing hair and makeup for them
->I want to work with bands D:

and most importantly....I want to share my success with my bestfriend. I want him to be as successfully driven as I am TAT

and, what wil happen to me planning on going back to school this fall? I can push that off till Spring 8D I havent even finished my FAFSA yet =___= fail for me.
I need to think things through.

I also need to watch that DVD about adobe illustrator but I dont have a DVD player LOL my brother took it LOL! (my xbox) hahahaha shit. I'm so tired when I get home but I want to watch it so I'm not such a dumbass at work.

oh man, things have been such a whirlhwind XD
shiiit man LOLOL

anyways, so I'm still debating about coming to LA this weekend, I might might might definitely go lol!


lol, so I got my 2nd written up warning. The first one was when I failed to show up to work due to me getting stuck up in LA and couldnt make it down, I emailed my boss telling her I might not be able to make it but since I never called to confirm it, it had to go to on my permanent record.

secondly, today~

apparently the cust. have complaint about the msgs I left them regarding their installation /:
iunno, I know for a fact I'm not perfect and after saying the same speel thousand times in a day you tend to slur I guess without noticing or tend to talk too fast without noticing but the biggest thing they had to complain about was that I wasnt talking loud enough D:
well I noticed when I have the head-set on, its harder for them to hear me? and when I use the phone manually its crystal clear /:

my manager here is a doll, shes amazingly nice and has gave me notes about the complaints before but the VP called me in at her office and gave me the whole formal speeel and her cold hearted sarcastic way, I dont hate her or have anything to say. All I can say is, 'i understand, i need to work on it 8D' and take it with a grain of salt. I'm not perfect. No one is, were not robots or machines.

But with this happening, I'm even more afraid to turn in a resignation if things worked out with Lifework. My dad worked for this comp. for so long and the boss loves him and I'm thankful for the job I was given but I feel like I definitely found my place with Lifework. D: but I dont wanna quit now after getting a second strike even though I should admit cust. service isnt really my best speel on the phone? lol that or I must be so exhausted coming in to work that everything just feels so automatic now.

I'm not trying to make excuses, I shouldnt be.

Just take it as apart of life with a grain of salt and move on.


lol, I knew things seemed to have going to be alittle too good for today to be true hahaha.
I do feel alittle disheartened, not distressed, and I dont want to overwhelm myself LOL or I'll stress myself to a frenzy. ah. I need to learn to relax.

No wonder people turn alcoholic or smokers LOL.

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