Tuesday, September 1, 2009

wonder wonder

Sometimes we all wonder what the hell are we doing with our lieves?
what are our plans?
plans? I got plenty of plans. Dreams. Aspirations.
Jealousy. /: wait, what?!

well, sometimes we all cant help but be jealous of the opportunities we missed out on

Sometimes I wonder if I should have pursues graphic design/and/or photography.
What am I doing now? Where is this going to get me?
steping stones stepping stones.

patience patience.

Now that is something I do not have.


I want to start saving money to go traveling now.

Also sometimes you cant help but wonder...how different things could have been if what happened didnt happen?
but in a way I'm thankful for it, reality has slapped me in the face, chewed me up and spitted me out, but in the end, regardless of anything. I'm content. because. It has definitely helped me grow up.

Now I need to get off my ass and seriously start looking for a new place to live.

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