Sunday, September 13, 2009

Officially Moved In...

and now I’m ready to get out XD

raging because I cant get onto Xbox Live =____= need to figure out the damn IP address so I can haxxor my xbox into live. *epic rage*

not to mention the cable box is fucking up with me.

it worked yesterday coz how else could dumbass Doosh and Pee-Tree get Cartoon Network?! =___=ll

time to make it on my own.

Looking into apartments pretty soon. If I survive the first month or two 8D


O(≧∇≦)O (face jack from Cara >D)

yes that is my mattress on the floor and yes I am ghetto to set up my DESKTOP next to my bed/mattress.
I'm going to get a Laptop eventually XDlll
and no i refuse to get a bedframe and desk. that'd be too much of a bitch to move with me when I'm ready to get out.

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