Thursday, September 24, 2009

I have said this before, but this article is fucking amazing:

I took the test on that thing at the end of the article, and I got mostly Bs. meaning, I'm starting to show symptoms of a Quarter Life Crisis. Good gawd the entire time this morning at work - it was hectic once more, its been a long as week.
my phone did break =_=ll well its not completely dead but it didnt sound the alarm this morning and the person iw as supposet to take to the airport ended up having to find another means of transportation. I felt so bad. I didnt realize my phone died in the middle of the night, i can still use it but if im not careful, it dies on random occasions.

I went to ebay to try and see if I could get another phone and realized. I cant afford a new phone right now, even a partly used one at that. I dont even think we have a new upgrade for awhile and if its anyone that needs the upgrade, i think i should give it to my brother, hes had the samedamn phone for years D< but for some reason I am just fucking terribly brutal with mine.
I cant afford a new/used phone because....chaha....well Bills bills bils and my brothers birthday and my little sisters birthday (ts my brothers birthday tonight and tomorrow is my sisters D<) not to mention I now owe my mom $185! D< coz the checks I wrote her got bounced back and she got charged a fee! D< fuckfuckfuck. I told her I'd send her cash when I send my little sisters birthday present D< and I dont quite have the money for the bills coz I ahve the phone bill due TOMORROW udhurhurhurhur D< which is $107 on my part D< and rent due on the beginning of next month D< fakkkkkinng shit

yeah Im going to go out tonight and get acheapy cheapy alarm clock that hopefulyl works coz now I'm paranoid that my ugly ass pink razr will randomly die on me in the middle of the night and the alarm wont go off >w<

I've practically given up on taking the exam for cosmetology, I decided its going to be my 'back-up' plan if LifeWork (the printing shop i work for) wont make it D< but I think we have a good shot at making it big.

we just keep stumbling onto problems TAT which is why im always so hectic insane at work and by the time the afternooon rolls around Im so warn-out D< and in mad need of some caffeine, I dont even like eating D< I get repulsed by it D< but i force myself to get SOMETHING in my system.
man i wanna drink LOL but I cant/shouldnt LOL

I get so fucking warn-out at work D< and fucking exhausted, this week has been fucking long, this day alone has been too long for me.

little did we all realize how much responsibility i have weighted on me D< damn you manageent piosition.

i love my first job, the comp. is amazing its just when things go wrong, it gets insane, especially if your in the supervision position, your the one that has to sit there and figure shit out and its just annoying and wrong, coz with each mistake, thats money were loosing! D<

as for my second job, i get so worn out dealin and accomodating insane customers D<
and after hours, when the manager is goen for the day, I'm left in charge of 2 other employees, they hired 2 new girls to work the night shift with me. but uuggh D<

vacation, yeah probly but iunno D<

fuck, I should have ordered a LARGE Ice Coffee =_= I practically downed a Medium one in no time, normally it takes me forever to drink it, but this afternoon I just DOWNED That shit and its barely 5pm D<

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