Sunday, July 26, 2009

bored out of my mind. Sitting here watching Law & Order SVU Marathon. I feel like such a couch potato. I wanna draw, paint or sew. I wanna make dread falls even though just my last entry was talking bout how I'd been like into this whole FOB styling thing haha. Iunno. Boredom.

I'm waiting for my friend or brother to come over so we can go get In and out burgers. They have amazing burgers. I'm starving.

I'm not much of an artist but lately, I've been feeling like I wanna try something different. I wanna buy a small canvas and see how far I can get. I'm not an amazing artist, I cant draw anime style like most people on DA. but I do like alternative styled art. I wanna get a sketch book but Icant find it in me to draw anything on it.
I have markets and pencils but I prefer acrylics, oil paints, and canvases. Oil pastels and sandpaper.
I feel so limited since I cant do much here. I dont have the room to work.
I should sew something like the dresses from Kera and pretend I'm a designer. Just like how i'd like to pretend I'm an artist.

I want my ibanez so I can prtend I'm a rockstar.

why am I hitting my stump again.

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